4 Reasons You Should Consider Installing Stationary Curtains

If you’ve decided to opt for curtains or draperies to treat your windows, then you need to evaluate each window to find its ideal solution. A single type of curtain style doesn’t work well for all kinds of windows. Depending on your needs (light and privacy), convenience and budget, you can choose between an operable or a stationary curtain style.

Stationary curtains are an excellent way to decorate your windows and accentuate your room. As the name suggests, these curtains are not operable which means they can’t be drawn open or closed. They are mainly decorative window treatments with fixed side panels that flank each side of the windows.

They can elevate the appearance of your home decor in several ways. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few reasons why you should consider installing stationary curtains for specific windows.

  1. Make Windows Look Wider

Stationary curtains can make your narrow and oddly shaped windows appear wider. The trick is to extend the length of your curtain hardware beyond the width of your window and hang these curtains on each side. The curtains should provide framing on both sides of the window in such a way that the window glass is entirely exposed. A good wall space on each side of your window is ideal in creating the desired look.

You can either use a full-length rod or two short stationary rods or panels on both sides of the window. Choose a standard metal rod if your stationary curtains come with rod pockets or hooks; a thin pole rod if the curtains have rings sewn on the curtain header. Elbow rods with small finials on each end make a better choice for these curtains than thick pole rings with big finials.

  1. Frame Amazing Outside Views

If you have large windows or ceiling height windows that give you stunning outside view, stationary curtains make an ideal choice. Opt for sheer panels as the fabric won’t hinder the view. However, this is only a good choice if you live in a quiet area, nestled in a protective courtyard where privacy isn’t a big concern.

  1. Frame Radiators Beneath Windows

Treating windows with radiators is tricky. One of the best ways to do it is to cover the windows with a shade and hang stationary curtains from a rod on each side. While the shade will provide privacy and light control, the curtains will add a frame to the radiator without interfering with its functioning. They’ll also provide a soft texture and interest to the adjacent walls and the room overall. To discover more ways to cover windows with radiators below, read our previous post.

  1. Balance the Colour Scheme of Your Room

This is an often unrealized advantage of stationary panels. They can be used to lend an accent colour to your room and/or to soften the bold colours of walls or other window treatments. For example, you can beautifully design a cohesive look in your living room with large windows by pairing up a shade with stationary curtains. Choose a bright colour for the shade that matches or has the accent colours of your cushions, throw pillows, table cloths, etc. For the stationary curtains, select a colour that matches that of your furniture and upholstery items.

When decorating your windows, always consider the aspects of your windows first. In case you’re not sure how and where you should use stationary curtains for your home, write to us for free in-home consultation.