Latest Trends in Window Coverings

Window Coverings

Choosing window coverings for homes can be a pretty challenging task for home owners. Styles and fashions are quick to change. Though personal tastes and choices play a pre-dominant role in the choice of these important interior décor components, it is always a good idea to pay some attention to the latest trends so that you can have an updated home that is abreast of times. Here we discuss some popular trends that are prevalent to help you make a wise and well informed decision.

Drapes are back!

Though drapes have been around since time immemorial, they were put on the back burner and blinds, shades, shutters were preferred window coverings in the last few decades. Previously heavy swagged drapes with valances, frills, fringes, etc. lending opulent and extravagant looks were popular. However that has now given way to simplistic and straight cut drapes that look extremely elegant yet luxurious. They are often combined with sheers to give a complete look and manage light and privacy. They look formal yet fancy! Since drapes have an element of formality, velvet and silk are great options.

Natural textures are in!

Whether blinds or shades, natural textures like cotton, wood, faux wood, jute, bamboo, rattan are gaining immense popularity. These materials are naturally energy efficient and offer great insulation in addition to being eco-friendly. They look classy, simple and chic.

Drapery hardware is the new focus

Since the focus is back on draperies, drapery hardware has also become important. Grommets, stylish rods, eyelets, finials, tie-backs made of wood, metal, glass, ceramic look decorative and fashionable. Instead of elaborate swags or valances, it is a better idea to invest resources in hardware because this trend is here to stay!

Fun and quirky patterns are in vogue

When you think curtains or drapes, check out latest prints in fashion. More and more home owners are opting for colorful prints in geometric, animal, traditional designs, etc. These add a splash of color and zing to wherever they are installed. They instantly draw attention and look great. These may look quirky, but following the trend can be fun!

While you check out the above trends, remember that floor length drapes or curtains is ruling the roost instead of the puddles look that was in fashion sometime back! While there are many other things that are trending and it would be a good idea to consult with a professional who can suggest what is best for you keeping in mind the latest trends. If you are planning to do it up all on your own, walk into a store that offers free consultations on window coverings.

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