How the Mini Blinds Can Be Shortened and Reused?

Mini window blinds are sold in retail stores, manufactured to fit all standard sized windows. These blinds have increasingly become favorites with people owing to their reasonable price and significant amount of additional length. Another reason for these to become the most admired ones is the possibility of shortening these with very little efforts.

How do you install these?

Step 1

Remove the bottom cap on the last rail of the blind. There must be two or three caps which allow it to be twisted off. In case they are difficult to remove, using a knife or pen to pop them can be helpful.

Step 2

There are two ladder strings on the back and front of the blinds which fall out once the cap is removed. End users will be able to see a knot on the bottom of the slip cord once these are removed.

Step 3

Pull the slip cords out from the number of slats you are planning to remove. Ensure that these slip cords are removed from the slats on both sides of the blinds.

Step 4

Remove slats that you do not want by sliding them out to one side. Keep in mind that these bottom slats will have to remain as bottom slats, to take the extra length in account.

Step 5

The bottom slats now have to be slid into ladder strings.

Step 6

Take the slip cord in the bottom slat through the most appropriate hole.

Step 7

Tie a knot underneath the bottom slat in the slip cord.

Step 8

Cut off the ladder strings and the excess slip cord.

Step 9

Replace the bottom caps to the underside of the bottom slat. A small hammer can be used to replace the bottom cap, in case it refuses to snap back on potently.

Step 10

If these tips fail to amaze you, maybe it’s time to just buy some new window blinds.

Mini window blinds are the latest additions to the windows of any average household. Save all the removed blind slats in a safe place. These can be utilized to replace damaged slats over the years. You can always shorten mini-blinds when they are hanging in the window itself.