Perfect Short Wide Window Treatments in Toronto (4 Options)

Short, wide windows can’t often be overlooked because they’re disproportionate and just not very beautiful to look at.

But you can dress them up to be presentable. You might even be able to make them beautiful.

When shopping for window coverings in Toronto, keep an eye out for these options to dress up your short wide windows.

4 Short Wide Window Treatments in Toronto

There is a perfect window treatment for every window, no matter how oddly shaped. Here are some treatments to consider for short wide windows.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Length Curtains 

This is one of the best options for dressing short wide window.

Hang the rod as close to the ceiling as you can and keep the length of the curtain enough to puddle a little on the floor. This curtain style will give the illusion of a taller window. It also covers the disproportionate look that can make the room aesthetically unpleasant.

It looks elegant and creates a dramatic look. It also makes the room look more spacious since it not only covers the window but the entire side of the wall. When these curtains are closed, they can hide everything behind them entirely, even doors.

You can also choose blackout curtains to prevent light from flooding the room. You can also use them as a part of the room’s colour scheme. Since they are so big, they will be a prominent item of your interior and draw attention to themselves as well.

2. Café Curtains 

As the name suggests, these window treatments are inspired by the ones used in traditional cafés. Café curtains are simultaneously classic and dramatic due to the folds in their design. They only cover the bottom half of the window so keep the upper half exposed. It is a perfect option if you want privacy and light at the same time.

Since the bottom half remains covered, it retains your privacy while creating an impression of an open room as the entire window is not covered. And you will not have to open the curtains for natural light.

Café curtains Mississauga

Café curtains are mostly employed in kitchens and bathrooms but can be used in any room with short wide windows. These curtains are not only classic, decorative, and elegant; they are also very flexible when it comes to privacy.

Having a short wide bathroom window is a good option, especially with café curtains. You get privacy while natural light reduces the need for artificial light. This will in turn reduce your energy costs.

3. Sheer Curtains 

A lack of natural light is one problem you get with short wide windows compared to regularly-sized ones. It can make a room appear darker, and turning on the light during the day will increase your electricity bill. On top of that you cannot keep the curtain open all the time for privacy reasons.

Sheer Curtains Mississauga

So, how do you get both light and privacy? Sheer curtains provide enough of both since they hamper the ability to see inside but don’t block sunlight altogether. Choose long and lush sheer curtains to make your window look gorgeous.

4. Hobbled or Flat Roman Shades 

A hobbled or flat roman shade can offer privacy when pulled down and light when pulled up. It also makes an excellent style statement. We recommend using shades that are a little bigger than the window. This way, when you close the shades, your short window will give the illusion of being the size of the shade being used.

 Roman Shades Mississauga

A bamboo or woven wood shade is a perfect option for oddly-sized windows. Both are richly textured and semi-translucent, so you will be able to see the outline of the window during the day. You can use a blackout lining to minimize this effect.

Short wide windows are not the easiest to dress, but these options should give you some ideas. (You can shop for shutters in our Toronto store.) You can also request an in-home consultation from our designers. This will give you an idea about what options you have and what will look best with your interior.