How To Perfectly Hang Your Roller Shades?

Hanging toilet paper, over or under, has always been a matter of personal preference. In the same way, there are many practical reasons one can use to hang roller shades. What is it that you want to achieve with roller shades? Are you looking to block light? Is it appearance that matters? Here is how you can decide on the same.

Roller Shades

A. Standard Roll

The most common option to a roller shade is a standard roll. With a standard roll, the fabric usually rolls back, very close to the window glass. “Having it as close to the glass as possible blocks the most amount of light and affords the most privacy,” says Josh Gaudet, who is a design consultant with

The standard roll is recommended for every small reveal. This means the window will be shallow, as it gets the fabric way inside the opening if the roll were not reversed. According to Gaudet, if this is not done, the shade appears to be floating in the room.

Only downside to a standard roll is that it presents a look that most people do not show. If that is the case for valances, one can’t just hide the roll. The roll offers an exquisite look, but definitely does increase the cost. Adding a valance can definitely add to the cost of the shade. Further, valances cover up the decorative molding, thus appearing to be less appealing to homeowners.

B. Reverse Roll

The reverse roll means the fabric comes on out from the front of the roller. While the look is just not visible on the fabric, it definitely creates a more finished look without the valance. Reverse rolls are further used for shades which have two different colors on every side of the fabric. Blackout shades which have white on one side and color on the other can be a good option for such a shade. To one of these blackout shades, hanging the roller standard will mean that the roller would be all white, while parts of it that hang down will be black.

The valance can easily conceal this. But then again this is an added cost and seems fussy to most people, who tend to set it in the most minimalistic surrounding. A reverse roll is a good option to clear an obstruction, just like a door handle or window crank, just before the fabric pushes away from the glass. If light is an issue, you can add curtains on sides.

Side channels can be yet other options to curtains; it can easily act as a track for the edges of the shade. The side channels help in creating a seamless shade that helps block out light. This can help you create a movie theater effect in your living room.

Well, these are the top two ways of creating a roller shade. Roller shades help you create a wondrous look for your home. Once you’ve got them installed, just sit back and enjoy the various benefits it offers.