How to Choose the Right Quality Curtains Adhering to Feng Shui

A lot of factors from choice of colour, fabric, lighting, and texture together influence the ambience you are trying to create. Have you considered applying the philosophy of Feng Shui to your home?  Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that embodies the idea of living in harmony with nature. Feng Shui practitioners believe that everything has a certain energy or “chi” and how we arrange and implement these beliefs affects the various aspects of our lives.

Allow the natural light in

This post by your friendly experts at Centurian Window Fashions simplifies the implementation of Feng Shui for choosing curtains so that you are well aware of how your choices can affect your home ambience.

  • Allow the Natural Light in

Natural light is a positive factor according to Feng Shui and the more you allow in, the better. Tie back the heavier and opaque drapes as soon as the sun rises and let the sunlight in. Be sure to remember to pull them over at night, as according to tradition, it is believed that negative energies come in along with the darkness. If you are not a fan of direct sunlight, you can hang two layers of curtains- opaque drapes and sheer curtains. You can keep the sheer curtains shut throughout the day. This will allow the light in but subdue its harshness significantly.

  • Choose Colours Carefully

You can easily shift the energy of a room with the right colour choice. The different family of colours express one of the five elements, namely- fire, earth, metal, water and wood and has different influences on the ambience. For example, if you need clarity and focus while working in your home office. Choose curtains in metallic tones like grey or white for this room. For your living room, where you spend quality time with the entire family, choosing earth tones has a balancing influence over your mind. Adhering to the colours that are favourable to you will also radiate positive Feng Shui energy in the house.

  • Frame the View, Not Block It

Insider’s Tips 1:

Custom-make the drapes, so they are appropriately sized according to the window type.

Curtains will block your view of the outside world. As per Feng Shui, which gives major importance to light, curtains and drapes covering up too much of the view is to be avoided. Simple décor tricks can solve the issue of a blocked view, and the resultant isolation from nature. Hang the swags and valances higher up such that the hem of the valance is just skimming the top of the windows. Mounting the curtain rods closer to the ceiling not only creates the illusion of a bigger room but will also allow more light in when they are tied back. Choose longer rods so that when the curtains are opened and tied back the frame of the window edges doesn’t obstruct the view.

Allow the natural light in

  • Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

This saying particularly holds true when you are applying Feng Shui to your interior decoration. Periodically clean the curtains and the windows so that they allow the maximum flow of positive energy and light. Clear the dust on the window panes regularly so that your window is spotless. The same applies to the drapes which you can clean yourself or utilize a professional dry-cleaning service. The cleanliness of the windows and the curtains can have a surprisingly positive effect on your mind.

  • Choose Patterns That Emphasize Positivity

You may wish to add a personal touch to your home décor and want a particular textured and printed fabric for the draperies. But does it contribute positively to the ambience of your home? To create an ambience brimming with positive “chi” which means “energy” in Chinese, paying attention to minor visual details are important. If you choose a gaudy pattern or colour combination because it is unusually appealing, it can hamper the harmony and peace of the home. Avoid using such patterns for bedrooms and children’s rooms in particular.

Insider’s Tips 2:

Curtain accessories like rings and clips made of wood or similar natural materials impart a positive vibe according to Feng Shui

  • Make the Most of Greenery

    Make the most of greenery

It is a proven fact that regular contact with greenery is good for reducing your blood pressure and stress. Considered logically, this might be a reason why windows with a beautiful view are considered important according to Feng Shui. Privacy is a major concern undoubtedly, particularly when you have nosy neighbours, the problem can be solved by using a combination of drapes and bottoms-up shades.  Pulling the shades down will help you obstruct anyone from seeing inside your home but give you a much-needed view of the nature outside.

  • Maintain the Balance

If you are dedicated using Feng Shui rules to find the best curtains for your home, try to maintain a balance between aesthetics and your requirements. It may happen that a certain fabric, pattern and colour is favourable according to Feng Shui but does not complement your home décor at all. The overall result will be very haphazard and unappealing. Feng Shui is all about maintaining balance and harmony and to maintain that you have to have a clear conception of colour and interior décor.

  • Consider the Direction

Whether the room is east facing or south facing can be a determining factor for its colour scheme. For example, green is the colour for east while blue and purple are for the north. Red hues are ideal for the southern parts of the house and earthy tones and yellow are considered to have a positive influence when used in the central parts of the house like passages and hallways. So, depending on the direction towards which the specific room is facing, you must choose the colour scheme accordingly. This applies to the curtains as well as other accessories of the room that adds to the colour template of the room.

Curtains are the age-old classic choice for covering the windows and can be used along with other window treatments. The elegance of curtains is however unmatched and if you are trying to apply the rules of Feng Shui to maintain a peaceful and balanced ambience, the curtains you choose can have a major influence. The above mentioned are certain tips that will help you to find high-quality curtains for your home adhering to the Feng Shui rules. Our experienced staffs at Centurian Window Fashions too can help you out while selecting the perfect curtains for your home.