Questions To Ask Before Buying Custom Motorized Blinds in Vaughan

Looking for motorized blinds for your home or office? Good choice. But do you know what questions to ask your dealer in order to choose the best ones?

With home automation becoming widely popular and more affordable, your options have increased. This makes picking the right ones all the more challenging.

In this post, Vaughan’s leading seller of custom motorized blinds asks and answers key questions about these motorized coverings.

Let’s find out what they are.

What to Know Before Purchasing Custom Motorized Blinds in Vaughan

Here are a few things you must know about motorized blinds to make a better purchase decision.

1. Which Types of Window Coverings Can Be Motorized?

Many homeowners think only a few types of window coverings can be motorized. But thanks to advanced technology and customization options, leading window blinds companies like Centurian Window Fashions can motorize a wide range of window coverings. These include roller blinds, cellular blinds, drapes and curtains.

We offer a huge selection of blinds for all rooms in your home including outdoor spaces and conservatories. Our custom motorized blinds, shades, and other coverings in Vaughan can be perfectly fitted to skylights, arches, and other oddly-shaped windows.

2. What Are the Different Control Options Available with This Motor?

All motorized window blinds can be controlled by using a remote control system. The kind of remote option you choose actually influences the control of your window coverings. For example, some windows have tilted controls and others, solar-powered ones. (Tilted controls allow you to have a partial view of the exterior and help filter the sunlight to reduce glare. You may control blind tilt with a tilt cord or wand or through a motorized option.)

Also, a remote makes it easy to adjust your window coverings from any room. Your custom motorized blinds may be conveniently controlled via an app installed on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Wall-mounted remote control panels can be installed. Or, you can have a bigger panel from where you can operate various windows from a single spot.

3. How Noisy Are Motorized Blinds? 

Due to advances in technology and design, you can choose a motor that is not at all noisy. Before you buy motorized blinds, check out this type of motor in action to see if it is at a comfortable level. Noise is an especially vital factor in the bedroom.

4. How Are Motorized Blinds Powered?

Motorized window coverings can be plugged in, wired, or battery- or solar-powered. Each has its advantages.

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The size of these coverings and your preference for the type of motor are key factors in your purchase. Here are the three types of motors to choose from:

• Battery-Powered Motors

This is one of the most affordable options since you never have to think about electrical cost or wiring. A high-quality battery will generally last for several years, depending on how you operate it. Top brand Somfy, meanwhile, uses eco-friendly solar-powered batteries.

• Wired Motors

This motor has a wire running from a blind or shade to the central power unit inside the walls. Those who don’t like visible cords will find this option appealing.

• Plug and Play Option

This option allows for easy operation. A lean power cord can be kept hidden behind the side panels or furniture, or along the moulding of the window frame to protect your decor.


5. Are Motorized Window Blinds Difficult To Install?

Not at all. In fact, they are quite easy to mount. But installation specifications may differ based on the kind of blind you choose. If your windows are oversized or wide, it’s best to hire a professional to install them.


Installing custom motorized blinds in your home in Vaughan make for an exciting addition. But not all are designed equally. Now you know what vital questions to ask to learn about the functions and capacities of these blinds. In this way, you are sure to buy the right ones. Do you want to learn more about custom motorized blinds in Vaughan? Book a free in-home consultation.