Rare Picks From Roman Shades To Decorate Your Home

Roman Shades are the newest and most sophisticated options to any query related to home décor. They also happen to be super-functional. Roman shades keep the room feeling light. For home owners who are looking at the most creative personalization opportunities, Roman Shades can be one of the best things that ever happened to them. A custom Roman Shade can add a lot of zing to any room. Even the ready-made options can bring in a tailored feel to a room, unlike any other shutters ever. Here are the most popular yet inexpensive forms of Roman Shades to cover your windows.


Aventura Roman Shade

Image Source: The Shade Store

The most alluring form of Roman Shades, ever made, these shades have a stint of Japanese feel to them. Together with their horizontal stripes and texture, they bring in a soft and sweet sense to the room! Guests would love to spend time in the room where you have installed these shades.


pleated roman shades

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For the traditional families, pleated shades can bring in just the flavor they want. An elegant, romantic, beautiful yet chic feeling is brought to any room that gets adorned with these pleated shades. The home owner just has to get a simple yet modern fabric for his home. The best choices will however be raw silk or simple linen. Picking a frilly pattern in these shades however can take you back to the days of our grandparents.


Cascade roman shade

Image Source: Blindsgalore

This comes with a softer horizontal stream, being a mix of the Aventura and the flat panel. It is a versatile option blending sheer as well as roller material into one basic shade.

Flat Panel

Flat panel roman shade

Image Source: Centurian Window Fashions

The latest in Roman Shades is the flat panel. It is the simplest and most modern outside mounts. These can also make a statement on top of the window. Just a small point of advice. If you are desirous of absolute customization then try staying away from anything which looks too ready-made.


relaxed roman shade

Image Source: Home Bunch

The romantic or the Tuscan Villa category is the best of Roman Shades. These shades feature an “unconstructed appearance” together with a casual and gentle curve at the bottom of the shade. However, this shade mostly plays a decorative role rather than a functional one. It features a gentle yet casual curve at the bottom, thereby generating a look which is more free-flowing and less structured.


Tulip Roman Shades

Image Source: The Shade Store

These are basic inverted pleats which bear a resemblance to the charming tulip shape. Mostly these shades are handcrafted with utmost care. While also being functional, this set of Roman Shades are largely used as decorative frill. These shades demand least effort from the makers and users. Yes, you have got me right. These are the most easy-to-make shades. Sure you can go for these uncomplicated and tender shades to fashion your windows.

Coordinating custom draperies with custom shades can practically be a very difficult task. The trick to achieving a sublime décor in your room is by having the same coordinates but from different designers. All curtains from the same designer might bear a mark of similarity. You won’t want your visitors to spot semblance in all your shades. Keep changing shades at regular intervals to avoid monotony. Go for one of these Roman Shades as they can deliver the results you have been searching for.