Are Roller Blinds Better Than Roman Ones?

The prime functionality of blinds is to block out sunlight or natural light filtering into a room. Popular options for blinds are roman blinds and roller blonds. Though both fulfill the purpose of keep light out of the room, there are some features that set them apart. Roller blinds fit into any and every kind of interior decor be it modern, contemporary or eclectic. Roman blinds are more apt for formal layouts and houses that have a mansion like look and feel to them. You can have a combination of both like roman blinds for the living and dining area and roller ones for the kitchen or bathroom. Let us check out how roller blinds are better than the roman ones.

designer roller shades

1. Better light control
Roman blinds are usually thicker and often lined, imparting a more darkening effect but allowing light to leak in through the sides. Roller blinds on the other hand diffuse light and also block it out completely depending upon the requirement. Also when these blinds are rolled up, they allow in more light because roman ones occupy much of the window space even when not in use.

2. Less Space
Roller blinds take up much less space as compared to roman blinds, as they are simply rolled up when not in use. Roman blinds remain in horizontal folded pleats and occupy more space at the top of the window when closed.

3. Easy to clean
Roller blinds are comparatively easier to clean than their roman counterparts. Blinds attract a lot of dust and grime, depending on where they are installed. Roller blinds can be removed and dismantled and easily cleaned while the roman ones have complicated installations. Also variety in material makes it simpler to clean as compared to roman ones that are mostly fabric based.

4. Cost effective
Roller blinds are more economical in terms of cost of manufacturing and installation even if you go for customized versions.

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5. Ease of Handling
In case of roller blinds, operations are done with cords that hang vertically on the sides. Rolling them up or down is a simpler task as compared to roman blinds because they need to be drawn up cautiously for appropriate folding.

Roller blinds also have several options with respect to materials. But for a more efficient performance, you can pick a customized fabric like opting for one with more durable, wipeable and water resistant properties for the kitchen or bathroom. You can ask for free consultations from most interior design stores in Toronto for better guidance.