Roller Shades – The Ideal Window Covering For Your Home

Roller shades have been around for quite some time and are a traditional choice for window coverings. However, it discontinued being a preferred choice for home owners owing to its jerky movements. But with the passage of time shades have evolved to accommodate modern lifestyles rendering a stylish and chic, yet casual and informal look to homes along with enhanced operating mechanism.

Roller shades as the name suggests, operate on a rolling mechanism to cover at window. Usually lodged at the top of a window, they can be easily operated with cords or remote controls in case of motorized versions. You can also enquire for more maneuvering options with any interior design store in Toronto. Roller shades are extremely affordable as compared to other window coverings. Scoring equally high on durability, roller shades last longer than blinds as they do not have slats or louvers that tend to bend with usage.

Centurian Window Fashions Shades

Made from different materials, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one for your home. You can choose from simple mesh to rich fabrics in various hues and eye catching designs, to blend with the interiors of your home as well as your style and create a focal point. Scallops, valences and cornices are great options to dress up your windows to accentuate the style quotient. Some stores also allow customization to the extent of getting your own graphic or design digitally printed on a roller shade for personalization. You can also opt for roller shades that have designs on both sides for exterior visibility as well.

The varieties in roller shades offer diverse light and temperature control, leading to energy efficiency in months with extreme climate. You can choose from black-out, semi-opaque, sheer or semi-sheer fabrics or other material depending upon the room. Black-outs are the best choice for bedrooms, babies’ rooms, studies or TV rooms where maximum darkness is desired whereas the semi-opaque or semi-sheer options work well for kitchens and bathrooms where natural light is much needed. However, you ought to keep in mind that some light is bound to creep in from the sides of the shades, no matter what the material and how perfect the fitting. Available in highly customizable options, you can choose exactly what you want!