Roman Shades: How to Choose the Best One for Your Home

Decorating your window shades can be an exciting process as you contemplate numerous styles in order to choose the perfect one.

But it’s vital to pick a type that’s both functional and cozy. Roman shades are a great choice owing to their reasonable pricing and ability to blend with any decor. In fact, they may just be the most versatile window treatment, with a wide variety of styles available.

Although they’ve been around for many years, Roman shades remain a trendy option for modern and contemporary homeowners. However, with so many types on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best.


Go through our guide to weigh your options and find Roman shades that match your interiors perfectly.

Various Types of Roman Shades for Your Home

Are you looking to purchase Roman shades for your home? Then keep reading this blog and find out all you need to know about their different styles.

  1. Balloon Roman Shades

Balloon Roman shades offer both a formal and casual appearance simultaneously, based on whether you leave them hanging loose or roll them up.

Remember to choose soft fabrics (like cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester) to create an overall look that’s easy on the eyes. Softer fabrics also give you the freedom to layer these shades with other window treatments. Their highly decorative appearance makes them ideal for traditional home decor, however, their versatility allows them to look great in any room.

  1. Plain Fold or Flat Roman Shades

These are the most popular Roman shades for their elegance and simplicity. They’re made using a single piece of fabric which has no seams in the middle when lowered. They also take up much less space than other types of Roman shades when lowered or raised.

If you have patterns on the material and don’t want seams to ruin its beauty, or want to create a sleek overall appearance, choose plain fold Roman shades. This style is most suited for living rooms and bedrooms where shades are closed and opened depending on your need for natural light. The absence of seams adds durability to the fabric and avoids creating extra bulk, making it ideal for narrow windows.

  1. Relaxed Roman Shades

If you opt for a chic and casual design, relaxed Roman shades are a great choice. Even when kept drawn up, their folds create a comfortable atmosphere.

They’re also a great addition to nurseries and children’s rooms where you might want a serene experience, with window treatments offering a soft finish.

They can also be paired with matching throws and pillows to create a seamless appearance.

  1. Cascade Roman Shades

These unfussy and simple shades offer an overall sophistication. Their versatility allows them to blend well with many decor styles, from ornate traditional to modern.

Cascade Roman shades are made by placing horizontal back rods that are about 6” or 8” apart. This makes the fabric more durable and rigid.

They also add a unique accent to your interiors, with aluminum dowels that can be either hand-stitched or sewn into the seams.

  1. Hobbled Fold Roman Shades

These shades are perfect for homeowners looking to add a bit of character to their room and spunk to any window.

Their soft waterfall-like folds give them a tailored appearance that fits in both informal and formal rooms. Their folds and pleats cascade down their length to create a depth that’s difficult to achieve with hard shades.

With the right design and setting, these shades are unmatched.

  1. London Roman Shades 

If whimsy is your goal, you can’t go wrong with London Roman shades. They’re a valuable addition to your decor with the right fabric. Just steer clear of ornate patterns so the room doesn’t come across as busy.

These shades create a “tail” on each side, with the middle section being relaxed. They’re great for informal areas like kitchens, bedrooms and baths. However, they can be a little time consuming because of their fold style. That’s why they’re placed in areas that don’t often require them to be raised or lowered as they’re mostly intended for decoration rather than light control or privacy.

  1. Aventura Roman Shades

These shades are similar to cascade ones but stand out thanks to a few distinct differences. Their design is inspired by Japanese Shoji designs, with the dowels on the front offering a unique ambience.

  1. Austrian Roman Shades

These are the most traditional variants of roman shades that are delineated by numerous horizontal and vertical rows of scalloping that gather along the bottom. However, this is precisely the reason they need twice the amount of fabric as plain-fold or flat Romans. This also results in them being one of the most expensive types of Roman shades.

  1. Cordless Roman Shades

Cordless Roman shades generally employ slats to offer a semi-private view. They’re great at filtering light rather than blocking it, which means it’s not a great option if you’re looking for a window treatment to control light. But they do offer an acceptable level of privacy.

Additionally, as they don’t need cords to raise or lower them, they’re a safe option for homes with pets and children.

  1. Cellular Roman Shades

Cellular Roman shades have a minimalistic and simplistic design that goes well with any decor. They’re great for informal rooms where window blinds are used regularly, and their simplicity adds a comfortable and casual aura.

Their minimal use of colour allows them to be mounted in formal rooms too as they don’t attract much attention. They come in cordless designs, making them a child-friendly option, with custom varieties available to ensure a better fit. However, the bottom and headrails should ideally be colour coordinated so they don’t look out of place.

Their sculpted look also makes them energy efficient as they can protect your home from unnecessary cold and hot air. Adding thermal or blackout lining increases that efficiency.

Roman shades offer an unparalleled and iconic design unmatched by any other type of window treatment. Whether you want sophisticated and plain Roman shades or ones that are dressy and ornate, you can find something to add a sense of character and uniqueness. With so many options, you will find a Roman shade that meets with your style and budget requirements.