Are Roman Shades a Good Option for your Home?

Blinds and shades are often used interchangeably, which can be quite confusing. It is important to understand the difference between the two to decide which bets suits your requirements. Fundamentally they are both window coverings used to primarily block or diffuse light, just that they vary slightly in the way they look. Most blinds have stiles or louvers or slats and give a hard defined, crisp look rendering a formal persona to the room. Shades are mostly fabric based and are considered as soft coverings and impart a sophisticated, classy look and feel. It is ideal for people who desire the class of draperies and the convenience of blinds adding oodles of warmth and comfort.

Roman shades like numerous other things, were invented by the Romans centuries back to keep out unwanted elements from entering the house. These are mostly made either from silk or linen and have immense decorative value and reveal a design or pattern when open often becoming a focal point in the room. When not in use, they stack up neatly in different kinds of folds on top of the window and when open they fall flat without any folds, far from a ribbed look. Similar to Roman blinds, Roman shades can be classified based on the different kinds of folds while assembled at the top of the window. In addition to enhancement of aesthetic value, Roman shades also help keep out the sunlight, insulating the room. You can also add a personalized touch by adding cornices or valences.

Roman Shades Operating Roman shades is quite similar to that of blinds and is governed by either a cord or string or silken rope or tassel attached to it in a pulley like system. The cord system allows you to determine the required height of the shades, exposing a part of the window to let in natural light. Motorized options are even better as they spare you of manual effort.

Roman shades are easily available in interior design stores across Toronto and you can acquire a customized one depending on the size of the window. Installation of these is quite similar to that of other window coverings and you have the option to undertake the installation on your own. Making Roman shades at home is also quite easy and can be done with help from any of the numerous online tutorials. Though silk is the most popular material used for Roman shades, they are also made of natural materials like bamboo, jute, rattan, types of wood, etc. Using a combination of fabrics is also not uncommon for novelty.

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