Roman vs. Vertical Blinds: Which Are Best for Your Home?

Vertical and roman blinds are the two most popular choices for home window blinds. Both are elegant and offer unique style, effective protection against the sun’s UV rays, and good insulation and privacy.

But they both have pros and cons. Discover their advantages and disadvantages so you can select the best ones for your home.


Pros and Cons of Roman Blinds


Advantages of Roman Blinds

  • Appearance: Roman blinds are more sophisticated and classier than any other window coverings. And they offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and textures. You also get a wide choice of colours, so you can match colour swatches to your interior.
  • Privacy: Roman blinds offer superb privacy. When you close them, you keep your interiors from prying eyes.
  • Energy Efficiency: Properly-lined roman blinds can help you keep heat in or out, according to your preferences. Choosing the right fabric creates tasteful blinds that suit all seasons
  • Affordability: Since roman blinds don’t need much material and time to manufacture, their cost of production is low. Hence, they are inexpensive compared to other window treatments.
  • Ease of Operation: You can choose motorized roman blinds for effortless opening and closing, or use cords.


Disadvantages of Roman Blinds

  • No Light Control: Since roman blinds don’t have slats, you can’t rotate them to allow a little light inside without compromising your privacy; you can either open or close them. Even if you open half the blind, you are compromising your privacy and there is no protection from glare.
  • Not Moisture-Resistant: Roman blinds are not moisture resistant which makes them unsuitable for rooms that gather moisture like bathrooms, kitchens, or your laundry. Steam from your shower can result in the growth of mould and mildew in your blinds. Cooking odours and grease may also get trapped in the fabric.
  • Safety Issues: The most common type of roman blinds are corded ones. These blinds have rings on the back through which a series of cords are threaded for looping the fabric. These cords are sharp and can cause injury.
  • Blocks Views: When roman blinds are opened, the fabric is looped in a thick stack that sits at the top of your window. This not only blocks part of your view but makes your window look smaller and crowded.


Pros and Cons of Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds


Advantages of Vertical Blinds

  • Light and Privacy: The slats of vertical blinds are thick, so block UV lights efficiently and deliver ultimate privacy when closed. So, you can keep them closed for privacy and open them when you want to.
  • Easy to Use: These are the perfect covering for sliding windows and doors. You can partially open these vertical blinds for easy access through your sliding door, without getting stuck in the blinds.
  • Added Height: Long vertical blinds can make a smaller window appear bigger. Also, tall doors and windows appear more sophisticated since these blinds cover their entire length and width.
  • Easily replaceable: If a slat is damaged, you can easily replace it.
  • Choices: There is a wide variety of options when it comes to vertical blinds. You will find them in many colours and materials which is why vertical blinds are a versatile choice for any home.


Disadvantages of Vertical Blinds

  • Noisy: When these blinds are open, the slats swing together and collide, causing a lot of noise. A fan or wind can also make them cause such noises, even when they are closed. This can be extremely inconvenient if you have vertical blinds in your bedroom.
  • Gets Dirty Quickly: Vertical blinds are made from fabric, so they can easily pick up dirt and dust. This becomes annoying to keep clean all the time.

Both Roman and vertical blinds are exceptional choices for window coverings. Knowing their benefits and weaknesses can help you decide where and how to best use them. You can also pair Roman blinds with sheer curtains for better light control and privacy. And you can use vertical blinds on sliding doors in your living room for added privacy and safety. If you have any questions about which blinds are best for you, contact us.