Cellular Shades

Insulate your room from the heat and the cold with this budget-friendly window covering

Cellular shades, also referred to as honeycomb shades, are a popular option for homeowners looking to save energy. Available in a variety of cell sizes and directional designs, cellular shades are ideal for all sunroom layouts.

Their most notable quality is their ability to insulate your space, both during the winter and summer seasons. Cellular shades achieve this by large channels that lock in heat and block cold air from your windows. In addition, there are a variety of fabrics that you can choose from to achieve the right amount of sun you invite to lighten your space.

An attractive feature of cellular shades is their versatility in how they function as either a top-down or bottom-up shade. This enables you to direct the amount of sunlight you wish to have in the space while setting the shade in any position.