Pleated Shades

Improve light control in a room and turn it into a talking piece by installing pleated shades

Pleated shades provide light control and privacy, while adding style and texture to your space. They’re often mistaken for cellular shades due to their honeycomb like appearance, however, they do have slightly different benefits.

In comparison to cellular shades, pleated shades are a more affordable option. Their textured look can transform a simple room into a conversation starter. They’re made from fabric materials which makes it easier to alter color and change style from a wide list of hues and designs.

Pleated shades aren’t known for their insulation properties, but they do provide light control for any space in your home. They are customizable, able to function as traditional single lift cord shades, or are available with motorization features to promote the safety for your pets and infants. Pleated shades can also be modified to include additional liners that block small cord holes and light from entering spaces you wish to darken.