Roman Shades

Have your windows look pretty and provide privacy with these sharp shades.

Homeowners find great value in this sunroom shade, as they can be customizable in a wide selection of colours, fabrics, textures and patterns.

Roman shades maintain a smooth look when opened, effectively blocking sunlight from overheating the room while giving your space privacy. In comparison to other styles, when a roman shade closes, it stacks evenly from the bottom creating an aesthetically appealing look.

Aside from their aesthetics and function, roman shades are also a popular choice because they are customizable. If you’re looking for a convenient and simple shade, roman shades also come in cordless systems or motorized versions.

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    Types of Roman Shades

    Roman shades are meticulously handcrafted to meet your specific needs. They come in many styles based on their pleats.

    Flat Roman Shades

    Flat Roman shades are one of the most popular styles of this particular window covering. Sleek and beautiful, this pleated style gives your windows a clean and finished look. These Roman shades are easy to operate and need little to no styling.

    Aventura Roman Shades

    These Roman shades feature pockets with aluminum dowels on the front to give your windows a unique look. Their striking appearance adds to the beauty of the minimalist decor.

    Relaxed Roman Shades

    Relaxed Roman shades give an unconstructed look. They feature a soft, gentle curve at the end to complement a laid-back appearance, making them ideal for giving your living space a casual feel.

    Cascade Roman Shades

    These shades have hand-stitched horizontal seams and sewn-in aluminum dowels. When you picture a Roman shade, you probably see a cascade-style shade. They are perfect for creating a timeless appearance.

    Tulip Roman Shades

    Carefully handcrafted inverted pleats along the headrail give tulip Roman shades a stunning look. Decorative in appearance, they enhance the visual appeal of your windows with their elegant pleats.

    Benefits of Installing Roman Shades at Home

    Romans shades are a timeless and popular window treatment available in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and patterns to match your decor. When you choose this versatile window covering, you enjoy the following benefits.

    1) Light Control

    If your room receives plenty of sunlight, Roman shades come in handy as they allow you to control the amount of light coming in. Their pleated slats provide ample coverage to control (or block) incoming light. They are made of a single piece of fabric which leaves no gaps for light to filter in when you want complete darkness.

    2) Flexible Style

    As mentioned, Roman shades come in a wide array of colours and designs, thus making them ideal for matching all types of home decor. This window treatment is more likely to be on-trend because the right fabric choice and pattern can work wonders with all kinds of styles, from classic to contemporary.

    3) Privacy 

    Since there are no gaps in the fabric, this window treatment offers great privacy. This is a perfect solution for windows overlooking a street or a neighbour’s window.

    4) Energy Efficiency 

    Choosing a thick fabric for your Roman shades prevents hot or cold air from escaping and maintains a comfortable temperature. The result is less strain on your HVAC system, increased energy efficiency and savings on your utility bill.

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