Styling Your Windows With Window Scarf Treatments

Window scarves are an attractive treatment for your windows. They’re a piece of lightweight fabric that functions not like an elaborate curtain but instead, hangs on either side of the windows or around the curtain rod. Window scarves can also be elegantly paired with curtains, drapes, blinds and shades.

There are several ways to hang window scarf treatments to dress up your windows. You can get creative with window scarves to achieve your desired style. All you need is a length of your preferred fabric and the right hardware. Here are some simple ideas to hang your window scarf treatments.

1. Hang a Single Window Scarf on a Rod

A decorative curtain rod that has two knobs on either end is a good piece of hardware to hang window scarves. Take a window scarf and wrap it twice or thrice around the curtain rod, allowing it to hang loosely, creating swags or loops of equal length. You can have the ends of the scarf hanging at the two sides of your window at different lengths. Keeping them at even lengths will create a balanced look while having them at uneven lengths will create a more natural, unplanned appearance. Select your style based on your aesthetic preferences.

2. Use Hooks or Sconces

Using these types of hardware for hanging your window scarves is ideal when you don’t have a curtain rod or you don’t want to use one. Install hooks of your choice such as cup hooks, eyelet hooks, etc. or beautiful sconces at least 3-6 inches on either side above the window frame. Hanging window scarves on hooks and sconces will make them appear like a beautiful valance at the top of a window.

Just remember to choose hooks and sconces that are wide enough to hold the scarf. Also, if you want to conceal the hooks, attach silk flowers, attractive bows or any decorations of your choice on them.

3. Hang Multiple Scarves Together

To make your window treatment more interesting, you can use multiple window scarves. Wrap two window scarves of contrasting colours around each other or braid them together. Hang them on a curtain rod. You may also use two curtain rods to create a layered look. If you want to hide the ends of the window scarves, tuck them behind the curtain or pin them in place.

Window scarves are primarily decorative window treatments. They’re easy to arrange and stylize, so you can experiment with various looks. You can select from several fabrics like silk, organza, cotton, and polyester for your window scarves.

Make sure that the window scarf complements the colour of the windows, other window treatments and the decor of your room. Have a look at Pinterest for some more innovative ideas of decorating your windows with window scarves.