4 Things to Consider When Choosing Curtains for an Open Floor Plan

A home with an open floor plan usually has a standard single large room that often combines the living room, dining room, and kitchen areas. This means there are fewer walls to separate rooms which enables homeowners to take advantage of natural light to create an illusion of a more spacious area.

Every open floor layout isn’t the same but it’s tricky to find the right type of window curtains to make the most of this design. There are several things you should keep in mind before you buy curtains for such a layout such as your lifestyle, furniture, furnishings, aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

In today’s blog post, we’ve put together some important factors that you need to consider when choosing curtains for an open floor plan home. Read on to learn more.

  1. Utilize Light Strategically

In open-concept spaces, you should focus on utilizing incoming light to keep the space looking bright, airy, and more spacious. Opt for accommodating curtains in lightweight fabrics that can be easily drawn open and closed to provide you with an unobstructed light and outdoor view. If you want to filter incoming light while keeping the room bright and airy while the curtain is drawn closed, choose sheers or translucent fabrics like linen and lace. These fabrics also provide some privacy.

  1. Focus on Creating a Coherent Look

It’s important that you create a unified look between the individual areas in this type of floor design. First off, check if the layout of your open floor plan is one big rectangle or square or it’s irregular. When choosing the colour, pattern, texture, fabric, and header style of your curtains, note the colour scheme and decor style of your space. For example, if you have a coastal style decor, choose your curtains accordingly that complement the coastal colour palette. Also, make sure to opt for the same colour palette for every curtain.

However, if you want to create coordinated individual zones for a rectangle, square or an irregular layout, choose curtains that complement or match with the surrounding furniture and furnishings. You can also opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains in sheer fabric hung from panel tracks to create separate sections while maintaining a coherent look in the overall space.

To make sure that the curtains complement the different sections of the open space, you can consider any of the following ideas:

  • Mix and match solid coloured and patterned curtains. Make sure that the patterns include the solid colour and match your furnishings.
  • Use curtains in different shades of the same colour as that of your furnishings.
  • Use contrasting colours for your curtains from the opposite sides of the colour
  1. Ensure Comfort

Note that since there is a single big area in an open floor layout, too much direct sun exposure or poorly insulated windows can make the temperature of the space uncomfortable. To keep your indoors comfortable and insulated during the chilling winter months, use thermal lined curtains. Lined curtains are also suitable during the summer months when you need to block the sun and protect your indoor elements such as flooring, upholstery, furniture, etc. from UV damage and discolouration.

  1. Beautify the Focal Point

Your windows, large or small, are the focal point of an open floor plan. You need to choose your curtains carefully as a result to make a style statement. Add dimension to your walls and frame your outdoor views with layered window treatments such as pairing custom curtains with sheers or shades. Choose textures and patterns that enhance the look of your windows and the aesthetic appeal of your home decor.

If you’re still unsure how to choose the right curtains for your open floor plan, contact Centurian Window Fashions for a free in-home consultation. To purchase custom window treatments in Toronto from renowned brands, visit any of our showrooms.