Simple Tips to Keep Your Curtains Looking New for Years to Come

Curtains have the ability to change the look of your room instantly, and dress up your windows instantly. Installed in keeping with the theme of your room, they can help create the haven that you can retreat to at the end of a tiring day, or entertain guests on a balmy weekend evening. Apart from dressing up your windows they also serve to provide the much needed privacy inside your home. Curtains come in various degrees of opacity, and ranging from sheers to thick curtains, these can turn your room into your favorite retreat.

While our clients choose curtains from us in various colors, designs, textures and patterns and dress up their rooms, when it comes to maintaining the curtains, the story turns into a sad affair. Maintenance is a completely different matter and many people have to change them after a few years because they were not cleaned properly. Imagine spending so much money every year just because you couldn’t take of your curtains properly!

As professional window coverings providers, we have learnt many easy solutions over the years to take care of the curtains that we sell, and we thought these tips on taking care of your curtains should help you maintain them well.

Different Fabrics Need Different Care

If you have sheers decorating your walls, don’t think of putting them in the laundry. The delicate fabrics will never be able to withstand the pressure. Always hand-wash the delicate sheers curtains and rinse them well. No wringing. It is best if you can wash them covered with a separate cloth like a pillow case.

Dusting Your Curtains

Since curtains are pulled shut while windows are still open, they tend to accumulate a lot of dust. The initial few months or even a year will not show on your curtains but if left uncared for too long, they will begin to lose lustre, and before long you will discover that your curtains need changing. To save yourself some money and a lot of planning, dust your curtains regularly. All you need is a brush tip attached to the vacuum cleaner, and off you go!

Clean each fall of fabric separately and with care. You can clean as frequently as you want, but ideally once a month should also be fine. It depends really on the amount of dust that is accumulated. Find your own rhythm and go with the flow.

Save Your Curtains From the Harsh Sunlight

The harsh rays of the sun continuously bear down upon your curtains and drapes throughout the day, and very soon you will see that the soft fabrics have started to get discolored. Opt for curtain liners when purchasing curtains from your window coverings expert. Linings can elongate the life of your curtains and save you a lot of money.

Secret tip: Try not to opt for light colored curtains or curtain liners for windows that face the east. That is where the sun is the strongest.

Get the Perfect Length

The length of the curtains can also determine their longevity. If they are too long and puddle on the floor, chances are that you or a child might step on it. Children especially do not really care where they are stepping foot within the home, and stepping on the curtains repeatedly will pull them lose from the panel tracks, and damage them quickly. Get the perfect length of your curtains. Ask your window coverings partner for professional advice before choosing the texture and length.

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