Tips to Decorate Difficult to Access Windows

Whether it’s a Palladian, casement, bay, skylight or any other high window, its architectural placements make it difficult to treat them. A lot of homeowners often get frustrated dealing with such inaccessible windows and look for better solutions for privacy and light control in their homes throughout the year.

In today’s blog post, we’ve put together some simple solutions for these hard to reach windows. Follow these tips to better deal with your inaccessible windows.

  1. Louvered Blinds and Shutters

Blinds or shutters with louvres is a simple solution for hard to reach windows. After installation, lower the blinds or close the shutters and then position the louvres properly. The ideal positioning of the front edges of the louvres is 45 degrees upward tilt which directs incoming light towards the ceiling. This protects your indoors from glare and the furnishings from fading. The tilt angle will also provide enhanced privacy as peering eyes will only see your ceiling from outside. To make the blinds or shutters look more appealing, you may hang stationary curtains on decorative rods on either side of your windows if it suits your style and you have enough space. If you opt for louvred blinds, you can also pair it up with a decorative valance or cornice to add more style to your interiors.

  1. Motorized Remote Control Window Treatments

A motorized window treatment that lets you open or close it with a remote control or a wall-mounted switch is a great option for these windows. These window treatments are expensive but they come with several options. You can choose from motorized shutters, shades, blinds or draperies for your windows. If your inaccessible windows are located on the same wall and you want to treat them with a single window covering, then motorized draperies are a good choice. But if you want to treat them separately, then go for more flexible options like motorized shades and blinds. They work well for glass ceilings and skylights.

However, if you have a two-story living room with second story windows, you can treat the upper and lower windows differently. Dress up the lower windows with manual shutters and pair it with two-story motorized drapes to treat the windows as a single unit. When you pull open the drapes, the upper windows will allow in the outside view and light without obstacles while you can control privacy in the lower windows with the shutters.

  1. Cordless Window Treatments

The cordless mechanism is available on many varieties of custom blinds and shades including aluminium blinds, cellular shades, pleated shades, roman and roller shades. The handles of the window treatment allow you to pull them up and down, and comes with a small hole in which the hook of the pole is attached. This makes it easier to operate the covering on the inaccessible window.

Consider the function of your windows and your budget when choosing a window covering. Remember that you need to find a permanent solution for your inaccessible windows so that you can put an end to the frustrating hauling of step ladders around your room. Consult a window covering specialist if you’re not sure what will work best for you.

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