Top 5 FAQs on Buying Window Shutters

Window dressing and accessories are an important part of your interior décor. They are functional and stylish, adding to the overall aesthetics of your home. Shutters are among the most durable window treatments that can last for decades. They are available for indoor and outdoor installation. There are different styles of shutters, classified based on mechanism, material, size and purpose. Buyers often get confused when they go to shop for shutters because of these variations.

This post is a compilation of answers to frequently asked questions related to shopping for window shutters.

Top 5 FAQs on Buying Window Shutters 02

  1. Which Type of Shutters Should I Pick?

There are varieties of shutters to consider based on your requirements. This entirely depends on your taste and preferences. Do you want shutters in contrast with your room? Do you want wooden louvers or composite wood louvers? Are you looking for easy to clean variants? Do you have a specific style in mind? These are some of the factors you have to be sure about when you are picking the most suitable selection. Convey to the designers a clear idea about your requirements so they can give the best advice.

  1. Why Should I Choose Shutters?

If you want a long-term investment for at least 10 years, shutters are the best choice. Besides being durable, they are energy-efficient to provide thorough insulation for your home.  These neat window coverings give you the utmost control over light and privacy. They can be motorized or manually operated making it an easy to use mechanism. The overall benefits associated with shutters make them a worthy investment.

  1. Should I Measure My Window?

It’s essential to have accurate measurements of your windows prior to ordering and installing the shutters. Professionals or house team experts at your selected store can come to your home on a convenient scheduled date and time to take the measurements they need.

  1. Can I Move My Shutters While Shifting to a New House?

Shutters are permanent fixtures that become part of the house. Moreover, they are custom made to accurately fit the exact measurement of the windows. They add to the resale value of your house but cannot be removed and reinstalled in your new home.

  1. What is the Difference Between Stains and Paints For Shutters?

The primary difference between stains and paints is the way it interacts with the materials of the louvers. Paints will coat the surface of the shutter while stains penetrate and bind with the base material of the shutter louvers. Paints offer diverse choices and can be matched with the colour scheme of your house interiors. Stains on the other hand, have limited palette selection but offer a more natural finish. Furthermore, the use of stain does not interfere with the natural wood grains, and the ridges and knots are still visible.

Shutters are permanent fixtures and comparatively expensive than other window treatments. However, they are a wise investment for homeowners looking to purchase a high-quality option. Centurian Window Fashions offer a wide selection of wood, faux-wood, vinyl and aluminium shutters. Our inventory consists of plantation shutters and California shutters as well. Our experts are available to answer any queries you have regarding the features and functions of any window covering.