Upgrade Your Guest Bedroom with Window Treatments (6 Ideas)

When it comes time to renovate your home, guest bedrooms are easy to overlook. After all, they’re not used that much. But when they are, you want to be able to offer friends or family a cozy and relaxing environment.

One simple way to do this: upgrade your window treatments.

From shades and blinds to curtains and valances, here are some suitable ideas for your guest bedroom that are functional and reflect your unique style. Keep reading to discover the most suitable option.

6 Window Treatments Ideal for Your Guest Bedroom 

There are many different window treatments available for your guest bedroom. Here, we examine the best options so you choose the most suitable one to ensure the perfect ambience and your guest’s restful sleep.

1. Roller Shades

Roller shades are an energy-efficient style of window treatment that comes in a wide range of opacities, designs, colours and patterns.
They’re available in blackout varieties, and depending on the opacity of the fabric you choose, they can also reduce glare. This allows your guests to watch TV or work on their laptops without disturbance. Additionally, they can protect furniture, bedding and flooring from the sun’s harmful UV rays when the room isn’t in use.
They’re also perfect for guest bedrooms that overlook stunning scenery, as when drawn open, the fabric disappears into the headrail so as not to obstruct the view.
Roller shades can also be purchased in dual roller systems, allowing you the freedom to pair two fabrics with different opacities which can both be operated independently. So, you can choose virtually any fabric and pair it with a blackout one.

2. Curtains

Curtains make a major style statement depending on the colour and material you choose. Along with adding warmth, their light-filtering properties make them suitable for rooms that receive natural light.
They come in many different shades, fabrics and styles, making it easy to add a bit of colour and texture to your guest bedroom.
Whether you’re looking to decorate or add a certain level of privacy, these window treatments pull the room’s different design elements together. From luxurious draping velvet to breezy sheers, there is a curtain to suit every interior decor style.

3. Cellular Shades

These durable shades come in both day and night varieties, making them suitable for guest bedrooms, as they offer the benefits of two window treatments in one. Their sheer fabric lets in diffused natural light while a blackout fabric offers a darker ambience suitable for night.
Cellular shades are also referred to as honeycomb shades due to their design which offers insulation that makes your home more energy efficient. So, you save on utility costs as it keeps interiors warm in winter and cool in summer.
They are available in different colours and styles to ensure your guest bedroom exudes a comfortable mood throughout the day. They’re also designed to reduce noise by blocking outdoor sound. The result is peace and calm. This is especially useful when you have guests with young children.

4. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are modern and simple window treatments that offer privacy and optimal light control, making them suitable for bedrooms. They have louvres or slats that can be tilted opened or closed using cords that run through the length of the blind. This offers easy adjustability to let in natural light during the day and control privacy at night. The cord can also be used to raise and lower them.
With faux wood blinds, you have numerous colours and wood designs to choose from in order to create a customized look in your guest bedroom. They are easy to install but do require some maintenance to keep them dust and dirt free.

5. Roman Shades

Roman shades are also great at keeping out light. When drawn open they fold in an artful way at the top of the window. They’re also a chic and reasonably-priced treatment that adds instant softness and warmth to any room.
However, it can be difficult to customize the amount of light entering your bedroom as they need to either be raised or lowered all the way. Also, since they fold up at the top of the window, the view outside may be compromised.

6. Valances

Valances are decorative window treatments composed of swathes of fabric draped on the top part of the window frame. They add a touch of colour to your guest bedroom, and can be paired with blinds, shades, curtains or drapes to conceal the rods and poles used for mounting. They are available in arched, pleated, flat or gathered, and shaped or straight styles.
There are so many varieties and styles of window treatments that it can become difficult to pick out the right one for your guest bedroom. When choosing window coverings for any room, you’ll want them to complement the rest of the room’s decor. So before investing in any option, determine the kind of statement you’re looking to make and select a style to match.