Top 7 Window Treatments in Vaughan for a Bohemian Aesthetic

Creating a Bohemian-inspired space is a wonderful way to make your home feel relaxed, diverse, and filled with creativity. Bohemian style, often called “boho,” is known for its casual, artistic, and free-spirited vibe. It’s like a mix-and-match approach to decorating that celebrates individuality.

Boho decor isn’t about following strict rules; it’s about letting your personality shine through. Imagine colourful patterns, textures, and a touch of nature coming together to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. One of the important elements in achieving this boho look is choosing the right window treatments for your Vaughan home.

Keep reading to explore the top 5 window treatments in Vaughan for a Bohemian aesthetic, and discover designer tips to help you achieve the perfect boho-chic look.

Top Picks for Bohemian Window Treatments in Vaughan with Expert Tips

Here are our top picks for Bohemian window treatments in Vaughan, along with expert tips to enhance your decor. 

1. Wooden Blinds

Bohemian style celebrates the beauty of nature, and wooden blinds are a perfect fit for this aesthetic. Wood blinds in Vaughan offer a timeless look while providing the warmth and texture that Bohemian decor craves.

Designer Tip: Customize your wooden blinds to match the wood tones in your furniture or accessories for a cohesive look. Opt for wider slats to allow more natural light to filter through, creating a soft and inviting atmosphere. Installing wooden blinds in your Vaughan home will elevate the Bohemian vibe by adding a touch of natural beauty to your space.

2. Bold Patterned Drapes

Bohemian chic is all about embracing bold patterns and colours. Choose custom drapes with unique and vibrant patterns like paisley, medallions, or global prints to add a touch of Bohemian flair to your windows.

Designer Tip: Ensure that your patterned drapes flow slightly onto the floor for that boho look. Measure from just above the window frame to the floor and add a few extra inches to achieve the perfect drape.

3. Vibrant Curtains

Bohemian style is not afraid of colour, and your window treatments should reflect that. Consider using curtains in earthy colours like deep greens, browns, and greys while mixing in metallic and jewel-tone accents.

Designer Tip: Experiment with unexpected colour combinations. For instance, pair chocolate brown sheer curtains with a bright and vibrant pink window valance to create a vibrant Bohemian statement.

4. Layered Textile Valances

Layered textile valances are an excellent choice for adding texture and vibrancy to your windows. Bohemian style thrives on combining various patterns and colours, and these valances offer the perfect opportunity to experiment. You can mix and match different fabrics, such as silk, velvet, or embroidered textiles, to create a rich, layered look.

Designer Tip: Don’t be afraid to combine contrasting patterns and textures. The key to achieving a bohemian aesthetic is embracing the unexpected. Mix paisley, floral, and geometric prints for a truly boho chic effect.

5. Bamboo Shades

Bohemian decor often incorporates natural textures, and your window treatments can play a part in achieving this look. Consider bamboo or rattan shades for your Vaughan home, which not only look great but also provide energy-efficient insulation.

Bamboo Shades Toronto

Designer Tip: To enhance the Bohemian vibe, top your bamboo shades with a brown, green, or even rustic red valance. This simple addition not only adds a pop of colour but also completes the natural and earthy look of your window treatments.

6. Fabric Shutters

Fabric shutters offer a versatile window treatment option that aligns beautifully with Bohemian decor. These shutters combine the timeless appeal of traditional shutters with the softness of fabric, creating a unique and versatile choice for your boho chic space.

Plus, fabric shutters provide adjustable louvers that offer control over natural light and privacy. Their adaptability allows you to enjoy the warmth of natural light or create an intimate atmosphere as desired. 

Designer Tip: Opt for fabric shutters that match your colour palette and patterns in the room. The adjustable louvers control light and privacy, making them a functional and fashionable addition to your Bohemian decor.

7. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds bring a modern touch of Bohemian elegance to your windows. While they may seem more contemporary, their simplicity and versatility make them adaptable to various decor styles, including Bohemian. Roller blinds offer the advantage of easy customization and a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Designer Tip: To embrace the Bohemian style in your Vaughan home, select roller blinds with patterns inspired by nature, such as botanical motifs or tribal prints. You can also layer roller blinds with colourful curtains or valances for added texture and personality in your Bohemian-inspired space.


Achieving a Bohemian aesthetic through the window treatments in your Vaughan home involves embracing diversity, mixing textures, and celebrating individuality. From the timeless appeal of wooden blinds to the bold patterns of drapes, there’s a window treatment option for every boho chic enthusiast. The key lies in infusing your personal style and artistic spirit into your choices. Whether you opt for natural materials, vibrant colours, or intricate patterns, the goal is to create a space that feels relaxed, inviting, and uniquely yours. So, as you adorn your windows with these Bohemian-inspired treatments, remember that the essence of Bohemian decor is about embracing the beauty of imperfection and letting your creativity shine through.