5 Amazing Transom Window Treatments to Transform Your Home

We have already discussed in our previous blog post the importance of choosing windows coverings for transom windows. Interestingly, these small structures constructed for ventilation can also be used to enhance the overall appeal of your home décor. All you need to do is to select a suitable window treatment option for them. We understand that the odd placement and shape of transom windows make them a décor challenge. But once you get it right, it will add to the beauty of your home.

Here are five amazing transom window coverings that will help you solve this decorating dilemma and give a refreshing look to your home décor.

1) Light-Filtering Sheers

Transom windows are built to allow natural light and air inside your home. However, too much light or glare can cause discolouration of the floors and increase the indoor temperature. The best bet to reduce the amount of light coming in without losing out on style is to dress them with light-filtering sheers. They are lightweight, decorative and easy to install. Just place thin tension rods on the top and bottom of the window, buy curtain sheers of the required length and put them on to fit the space. These sheers will not only allow some light to filter through but also cut glare while giving a seamless look to your transom.

2) Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most commonly used window treatment options for transom windows. These sophisticated window coverings are ideal to protect the hardwood floors and furniture pieces from direct UV light. Also, they can be custom-built to match the shape and size of your transom. The simple and clean appearance of plantation shutters makes them a perfect choice for modern households. If you want to experiment with the appearance of the door below your transom, choose black stained shutters for the door and white for the top window.

3) Motorized Shades

To make your transom window covering a breeze, install motorized shades. They are a great choice for completely blocking light to create a comfortable atmosphere inside the room, especially if you have transom windows in your bedroom or nursery. You can open and close these shades at the touch of a button from anywhere, even from a smartphone app. Therefore, you have full control over the amount of light you want in your home from transom windows. If you want to install motorized shades in your home, get in touch with our team for a free consultation on motorized window furnishings.

4) Extended Drapery

Many homeowners choose to install drapery rods below the transoms. However, this practice is not suitable for the overall visual appeal of your windows. To make the most of your transom and lower windows, extend your drapery panel length by installing the drapery rod above the transom. This arrangement will not only cover your top and bottom windows but also give continuity to your overall window treatment. Also, make sure that you extend the drapery at least 6 inches beyond either side of the window to frame the view.

5) Stained or Frosted Glass

For people who want something unconventional for their transom, ditching the traditional window covering options and embracing decorative glass will be perfect. Installing stained or frosted glass will add a soft decorative touch to your transom windows without compromising with the natural light. This window treatment works particularly well with homes that have an artistic décor. You can get the similar pattern and effect on glass cabinet doors or other elements within the room to bring uniformity to your home décor. Here are some stained-glass design ideas for transom to take inspiration from.

Dressing up transoms with suitable window treatment options is necessary to spruce up your home décor while making the most of these structures. Take the above-mentioned transom window coverings into consideration whenever you plan to decorate the top windows. The options listed above are not only functional but also attractive, thus making an ideal choice for those unique windows. Get more transom window treatment ideas from one of our blog posts