Different Types of Roman Shades to Stylize Windows

Adding a personal touch to a home is what most people want. But, how to go about it? Window coverings are one answer. They serve as a core interior essential without which a home looks incomplete. If you’re wondering how to stylize the windows of your happy space then here is a blog post all about roman shades. These window coverings are a unique way to decorate your home with sophistication and elegance. They can jazz up your living space with eye-catching patterns and folds.

If you’re on the lookout for roman shades and their different types, then keep reading to find out more:

  • Flat Roman Shades

Your love for big and bold patterns will be accommodated with flat roman shades. Classy, urbane and contemporary, these shades are made of one long piece of fabric. There are no horizontal seams so the appearance of these shades is uninterrupted. This adds value to the look of the shades and accentuates the room with the savvy fabric. Also, the pleating allows the shades to stack offering a tailored appearance. However, one little thing that may not be appreciated is the small stitches near the cord rings. If that doesn’t bother you then you can opt for mega designs for these shades as they can serve as the pictorial factor in a room. For modern homes or traditional houses, this type of roman shades works wonders.

  • Hobbled or Waterfall Roman Shades

Also known as teardrop or looped shades, the waterfall roman shades offer a sheer look to the window of your home. They feature soft flowing folds that flow down the appearance of the fabric giving the impression of a waterfall. A perfect blend of modern and traditional style, these shades add a graceful touch to the overall beauty of the room. In fact, when the shades are pulled out entirely, the stack at the top bar of the window looks neat to the eyes. Your living room, dining room, bedroom or any relaxation spot of the home will perfectly adapt to these shades. These are a favourite of high-end hotels because they add grandeur to spaces.

  • European Fold Roman Shades

They are a perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary style which is why they are generally spotted at formal dining and living spaces. The unique feature of these shades is that when they are raised, the shades curve up imparting a relaxed aura in a room. They are made of affluent fabric which accentuates the look of the shades. Always make sure that during the first installation, the shades should be pulled up entirely for few days so that the pleats are created. Choose lush colours to serve the purpose of decorating your home in a better way.

With the above-mentioned types of roman shades, your home will never go unnoticed by visitors. After all, your home speaks a lot about your personality. Therefore, choose the shades carefully and make a lasting impression on your guests.