How to Use Shades and Blinds to Make Your Room Appear Larger

Your home may be small but with the right light, colours and accessories it can look spacious and become functional. The right window treatment can also leave your home appearing spacious making the decision to shop for window dressing an important one. Smaller spaces are challenging to decorate and get cluttered easily. But strategic interior décor can create an optical illusion of space. Give your small apartment a healthy airy feel by installing the right kind of blinds or shades. Here are certain suggestions which can guide you while making the choice.

How to Use Shades and Blinds to Make Your Room Appear Larger

  1. The Colour and Material

Lighter colours and sheer materials for blinds and shades allow more natural light within the room. Faux wood and vertical blinds are sheer enough and allow enough light to enter. Pleated graber shades in lighter colours like ivory, eggshell, light yellow, lilac and similar pale colours add to your privacy and make your room appear spacious as well. Allowing more light within the room imparts an airy feel about it.

  1. Simple, and Made-to-Fit

Choosing a shade that is made to fit the window adds a minimalistic charm to your home. If you have less leg room, such décor is perfect for their unobtrusive nature. The sheer fabric becomes translucent under any light which makes the room appear brighter. Heavier and thicker window dressings may look beautiful but cast shadows making the room seem congested.

  1. Outdoor Window Treatment

Larger windows make the room look bigger. When the shades or blinds are installed outdoors, you can control the light within the room and create an illusion of larger windows. Let the edges of the shades overlap the window frame up to several inches from the outside which will make them appear larger.

  1. Vertical Window Dressing

If your room has a low ceiling, vertical blinds and shades will draw the eyes towards the ceiling. This will make the height of the room appear more than it actually is. Creating an illusion with the vertical height will make the overall room appear more spacious and airy as well. Vertical blinds are made to fit the patio doors and windows against which they are installed and hence do not take up any extra space.

  1. Solid Colours

If you are choosing shades over blinds, go for solid colours instead of textures and patterns. Solid colours are generally matte, and they subtly add to the square footage of the room as they reflect light uniformly. This will not be possible for shades with patterns and designs due to the variations in the colour. When you want your room to appear larger, every inch should be accounted for.

Window treatments can create an illusion of open space in a small apartment when chosen right.  Apart from window dressings, strategic use of mirrors and placement of open-bottom furniture with longer legs can also visually enlarge your room.