11 Things That Make Your Home Look Outdated (and How to Fix Them)

Not all home design trends stick around. Eventually, they are replaced by new ones. Some homeowners are expert at keeping up with the latest styles, while others live with outdated décor and designs which they later regret. If you don’t want such regrets, it’s time you identify the eyesores in your living space and give your home an update. Here’s a list of eleven ways your home looks outdated and how to fix them.

What Things Can Make Your Living Space Look Old

Learn how these obsolete design features can be fixed.

1) Dark Wood Paneling

Dark wood paneling was fabulous in the ‘70s but today makes a room look dull and dated. To fix this, go for neutral or brightly painted walls that complement or contrast sleek modern furniture.

2) Mini Blinds

Gone are the days when mini blinds were the preferred window treatments among homeowners. If you have these blinds, you probably know they are easily damaged and create strange shadows. To up your décor game, choose sleek fabric shades like solar and roller shades to make your room not only stylish but functional. They control light and privacy and are easy to operate, making them one of the trendiest window coverings.

Mini window blinds

3) Tile Countertops

Tile kitchen countertops were trendy in the ‘70s but no more. They are cost-effective but outdated so will ruin the beauty of your kitchen. They’re also difficult to clean and must be completely replaced if damaged. Want to make a style statement? Replace your tile countertop with granite or marble.

4) Brass Fixtures and Hardware

When was the last time you took a close look at your light fixtures and kitchen? If you’re surrounded by brass fixtures and hardware, you’re still living in the ‘80s. Instead, go contemporary by upgrading to plumbing fixtures, hardware and lighting in stainless steel, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze.

5) Nautical Motifs

Nautical motifs like seashells, anchors and sailor’s rope are a big no-no if you’re trying to decorate your home according to the latest trends. Even if you live close to water, ocean-inspired décor is unacceptable. Instead choose subtler elements like driftwood and coral to achieve a beachy vibe without overdoing it.

Seashells home décor

6) White Appliances

Have a white refrigerator or dishwasher? Bid them adieu to not make your living space look old. Kitchen appliances in stainless steel, sleek slate, and matte black finishes are in vogue and give your home décor an updated appearance. Plus, they are easier to clean.

7) Chevron Wallpaper

Unless you want a retro look, it’s time to do away with your chevron wallpaper. Replace it with a fresh coat of paint and your home will seem brand new.

8) Matching Window Valances

When your window valances match your curtains and your curtains match your upholstery, you have arrived in the past. These eyesores are sure to disappoint every interior décor lover. Swap this monotonous arrangement with solid curtains and patterned valances in contrasting colours for a modern, updated window treatment.

9) Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture was over in the ‘80s. It may have been popular poolside patio décor for decades but is now old fashioned. Instead of relying on this non-trending furniture style, give your interiors a colourful twist by investing in a bright sofa.

10) Popcorn Ceilings

A popcorn or textured ceiling was a statement maker through the middle of the last century. This nubby treatment also posed a challenge to anyone trying to clean cobwebs from the upper corners of a room thus decorated. Not surprisingly, they are no longer popular. Getting rid of this type of ceiling is expensive and messy, so to give it an up-to-date look, covering it over is your best bet. Click here to learn three ways to deal with a popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn ceiling

11) Heavy Floral Drapes

Dated window coverings can mar the beauty of your otherwise trendy home décor. Heavy floral drapes, for instance, were a passing fad that can instantly age a space. Don’t let these distracting window coverings block the elegance and appeal of the rest of your contemporary décor. Go for light-hued drapes hung high and wide to give your windows a grand look while still letting in sunlight.

Having outdated furniture, accessories and windows treatments doesn’t mean you have bad taste. It just means these specific design features have lost their charm and need replacing. Making a few changes can make your home look younger and livelier. Find out for yourself by getting rid of the eyesores mentioned in this blog and fix the damage they have done.