What Makes Zebra Blinds a Special Home Window Covering?

Zebra blinds are one of the most popular choices when it comes to blinds in Mississauga homes. They offer a lot of advantages like control over the amount of light coming into a given room, privacy, and their versatility of design. Indeed, their unique characteristics make them stand apart in the crowded field of window treatments. They look and feel a lot like venetian blinds but certain features make zebra blinds unique.

Let’s find out what those are.

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5 Characteristics That Makes Zebra Blinds Special

Before deciding whether zebra blinds are right for your home, you must understand why there is an ever-rising demand for them in Toronto.

1. You can easily roll them up or down to adjust the amount of incoming light. You can roll them up halfway if you don’t want much afternoon light, or hide the direct sun. Even when the blinds are down, you can adjust the slats to increase or decrease the amount of light. You can also use translucent panels with block-out panels to increase your control over the light.

2. Similarly, you can roll them up or down according to your preference for privacy. You can also use the blind with black-out slats for absolute privacy.

3. Zebra blinds work well in combination with other window coverings like sheer or blackout curtains. You can open the blinds completely while keeping your sheer curtains drawn to allow in light without compromising your privacy. Or, you can open your blackout curtains and keep the blinds closed to have just a little light and absolute privacy. This gives you a number of looks along with privacy and light control. Being able to layer enhances the blinds’ functionality and helps them insulate your home more efficiently.

4. Zebra blinds are made from durable materials so are long-lasting. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

5. Motorized zebra blinds are safe for children and pets. Their automated controls also allow you to set timers so that they open and close automatically.

Styles of Zebra Blinds: Your Available Choices

Zebra Blinds

There is an abundant variety of colours and fabrics available for zebra blinds in Toronto with polyester being one of them which offers superior durability. They come in two categories: blackout and translucent.

When it comes to fabric, you can either pick solid colours or ones with patterns. If you want to add a little drama to your decor, try mixing colours and patterns. You can also go for a wide variety of netting, ranging from dramatic to almost invisible.

You also have the choice of pre-fabricated blinds or getting them customized according to your tastes. To get the best possible style of customized blinds in Mississauga in your budget, consult our designers.

Light filtering or blackout? 

Zebra blinds, as mentioned, come in two categories: translucent and blackout. Now, the important question becomes: should you go for light-filtering or blackout blinds?

The basic idea behind this selection is the same as with other window coverings. Choose blackout blinds when you want total darkness and absolute privacy, like in your bedroom when you want to sleep late. It will also prevent outside lights from street lamps, surrounding apartments, and vehicles to allow you to sleep peacefully.

For areas like the living room and kitchen, you can opt for sheer or light-filtering blinds. These blinds give you privacy while allowing in a certain amount of natural light. You can also pair these sheer blinds with other window coverings like drapes or curtains for more functionality and efficiency.

Corded or Motorized? 

There are certain key differences between the corded and motorized versions of zebra blinds. Corded blinds are less expensive but the continuous cord loops sometimes get stuck. Also, you have to open and close them manually. So, when you are going out, you will have to remember to close them to discourage thieves. Cords can also be hazardous, especially if you have seniors, children, or pets living with you.

Although more expensive than the corded variety, motorized blinds are a much better and safer option that present no hazards. You don’t have to manually open or close them, and you can set a timer to allow them to open and close at certain times. This gives the illusion of someone being home to thieves, thus dissuading any burglary attempts.

If you are looking for a multi-functional window covering, zebra blinds are an excellent choice. They come with a broad range of choices and can fit well with almost any type of decor. And you can customise them by booking an appointment with our designers.