Why Smart Blinds Are a Great Option for Your Mississauga Home

Also called motorized or automatic blinds, smart blinds are window coverings with built-in motors that allow you to lower or raise them remotely. They are operated through a remote control, sensors, or voice-activated applications or commands.

Many homeowners are interested in smart blinds but are not sure if they are worth investing in. In this guide we discuss the key reasons why you may want to choose smart blinds for your Mississauga home.

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Why Smart Blinds Are a Good Investment in Your Mississauga Home

Here are a few reasons why investing in smart blinds is a good option.

1. They Are Convenient

Motorizing your blinds helps you automate the repetitive tasks of raising or lowering your window coverings every time. These motorized blinds are a great option, especially for hard-to-reach windows. Seniors will find it easier to operate them from anywhere without getting up from their seats.

2. They Are Highly Energy Efficient


These blinds control the amount of sunlight entering your home and offer insulation. In this way they play a vital role in enhancing the energy efficiency of your home. Keeping these blinds open signifies that you may switch off lamps and other lights and use less heat in winter. As they can be programmed to open and close at specific times, they offer optimum lighting efficiency. All these factors contribute to reducing your monthly utility bills.

3. They Help Increase Security

When it comes to smart or motorized blinds and your Mississauga home’s safety, having your window blinds down helps prevent passersby from peeking in.

However, smart blinds can be automatically controlled to make it seem like someone is home throughout the day when you are actually away. When connected to a smart home system, these window blinds may be operated automatically thanks to geo-fencing and a software app on your smart device. In this way, you can prevent robbery and curious strangers from looking in.

4. They Provide Maximum Safety to Pets and Kids

Wooden blinds (or any blinds with cords) can be choking hazards to pets and children, especially if they have cords with loops. Unlike these regular blinds, ‘smart’ ones are automated and devoid of cords or chains. Therefore, they are the best window treatments for parents or pet owners.

5. They Protect Floors, Furniture, and Other Valuables from Sun Damage 

Constant exposure to direct sunlight can discolour or fade furniture, floors, and other valuables. But smart blinds safeguard these when programmed to open and close at particular times. This makes them a suitable option for homes with many windows, including those that are hard to reach.

6. They Enhance Your Home’s Value 


Smart blinds that are custom-made and installed by professionals add value to your home by drawing the attention of potential buyers.

Smart blinds are highly functional window treatments that are also stylish additions to your space. As technology becomes an integral part of our lives, it is becoming easier to incorporate it into our homes and make life more comfortable. Although these blinds require an investment, they will save you time and increase your property’s resale value. Are you looking for motorized Hunter Douglas blinds in Mississauga? Contact Centurian Window Fashions. We have a huge collection of blinds, including motorized ones, sourced from top brands such as Maxxmar, Shade-o-Matic and Hunter Douglas. Read our reviews to learn how well we serve our customers.