Choose the Right Window Covering for Different Rooms

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Window treatments are as important as the windows themselves. While windows do a great job in providing natural light and ventilation to various areas of a home, window treatments impart that essential aesthetic component along with adding up to the functionalities of these vital openings. As a home owner you have great responsibility in choosing the right window coverings for your home so as to optimize its benefits, yet not undermine the importance of windows.

You need to choose window coverings depending upon factors like your budget, taste, need, interior décor, the amount of natural light you want into your home, level of insulation, privacy management, convenience of use, etc. Each of these factors needs to be considered while selecting window treatments for each room. Here we discuss a few basic guidelines to help you decide which treatment you should go for depending upon each room.

  • Bedroom

Bedrooms or studies are very personal areas and these spaces require utmost privacy. For these spaces you need to choose window coverings that allow maximum light and privacy management. Light filtering in through windows will prevent a good night’s sleep and also hinder concentration while in your study. Blackout treatments, heavily lined curtains, opaque shades or blinds or combination of different coverings work well for bedrooms.

  • Kitchen

Easy operation and convenience in maneuvering are paramount while choosing coverings for your kitchen. Natural light is also much required in this area and since the coverings here are more prone to dirt, dust and grime, they have to be cleaned at regular in intervals. So install coverings that are easy to clean and can be pulled down or put up without much hassle.

  • Living Room and Dining Areas

The living room in a home is the area where one entertains and spends leisurely moments with family and friends and hence should look its best. Natural external light is welcome but at the same time privacy needs to be guarded well. You can choose blinds with louvers, shutters, shades or even French doors with tinted glasses that give you complete control over light and privacy. Drapes and curtains are also a good option as they greatly enhance the visual and aesthetic appeal of the room. While choosing coverings for living rooms, make sure that aesthetics are on top of the list!

  • Bathrooms

Bathrooms are spaces are subjected to heat and moisture, making ventilation an important component. Horizontal blinds of waterproof material are a good choice as they are good at concealing and protecting privacy while in use and allow ample ventilation when not.