3 Window Covering Ideas to Decorate Bow Windows

 Bow Windows

Bow windows are a popular type of curved windows that are known for their quality of soaking your indoor space with sunlight. They look like rounded bay windows but there are some key differences A bay window has a combination of 2-3 windows whereas a bow window comprises of 4-6 windows protruding outside the wall in a graceful arch. They have more glass area and are larger than bay windows.

Bow windows add an architectural delight to your space but are, however, tricky to decorate. Here are some ideas to help you choose the right type of window treatments for your bow windows and elevate the style of your interior space.

1. Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are one of the stylish and cost-effective window coverings for bow windows.

• How to Hang the Rod

Just like bay windows, bow windows are also treated as one coherent unit. It’s difficult to install rods above each individual frame as it can lead to a mismatched look. You need to treat them as a single unit and decorate them accordingly.

For the shape and size of this type of window, a thick rod usually looks best. Pick from ceiling mount rods, straight rods, curved rods and bendable or flexible rods (that take the shape of the windows) for bow windows. If you wish to hide the curve of your bow window, install a straight curtain rod at least 6 inches above the curve. When you hang the curtains, they’ll effectively hide the arch and make the ceiling appear taller.

If you want to show off the curve of your window, then choose an arched curtain rod. You can also install the rod below the arched section of the window to hang curtains if you have wall spaces on either side. This will let you display the curve and let in natural light.

• How to Choose the Curtains

For a classic look, keep the length of your curtains or draperies long enough to create a puddle on the floor. For a sleek modern look, keep the length long enough to just brush the floor. You can either keep your curtain panels hanging in folds/pleats or you can keep them neatly tied back with stylish tiebacks or sash.

Choose the fabric of the curtains and drapes according to your light and privacy. Select colours, textures, and patterns that complement the walls and furniture of your room.

2. Shutters

Shutters maintain the angles of your bow windows and also filter light effectively. If your bow window is comprised of narrow straight windows in a curved frame, bi-fold louvered shutters are an ideal choice. These shutters, when fully open, don’t take up too much space.

3. Shades

When you use curtains or drapes on your bow windows, it may add extra volume which you may not want for your space. Shades are an excellent alternative for creating an assembled look while showcasing the shape of your bow window. Mounted over each glass section, the shades offer you privacy and control over light. You can choose from printed flat-fold Roman shades, roller shades with fringed hems, cellular and woven shades.

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