Window Treatment Ideas for Floor-Length Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a great addition to any home. Whether you live in the countryside overlooking mountains and valleys, or in the city surrounded by skyscrapers, these windows provide the best outdoor views. Besides a striking view, floor-to-ceiling windows provide an abundance of air flow and natural light.
However, for adequate privacy, you need to install proper window treatments and floor length windows are often tricky to cover. Here are five simple yet stylish ideas to decorate your floor-length windows to create the perfect ambiance and drama in your home.

1. Floor-Length Curtains and Drapes

These are ideal window treatments for your floor-to-ceiling windows. Floor-length curtains or drapes ensure that your tall windows continue to look great. However, make sure to choose that the length of the curtain or drape is such that it just skims the floor. Too much fabric piling up on the floor will not only invite dirt and grime, but will also make the curtains look like old laundry.

Fabric: Choose a fabric that suits your lighting needs. Avoid very heavy fabrics as they will not fold or create pleats well when drawn. If you want to keep your room airy and let in more light, then opt for sheer fabric. You may also choose linen and silk as they too fall well. If you’re looking for good insulation, then choose fabrics like velvet and suede as they will help to keep out the cold.

Colour: When you choose colours for your curtains, keep in mind the colour of your walls and home decor. However, do remember that if your floor-to-ceiling windows receive too much light, then the colour of your curtains will fade fast. So, avoid bright and dark colours as they tend to fade quickly and opt for light colours instead such as neutral colours like ivory, beige, cream, shades of white, gray, etc.

Rod: Hang the rod as high as the ceiling moulding, if possible. This will enhance the appearance of the floor-length windows. Also, make sure to keep the measurement of the rod at least 4 inches extra on each side of the window. This will ensure that when you keep the curtains open, they won’t block the window glass.

2. Blinds

Vertical blinds are a good choice for floor-length windows. They’re a durable and easy-to-clean window covering. The vertical vanes provide excellent light control as the vanes rotate open and close. They cover the window neatly like a drapery and can also be stacked to one side. They’re available in several materials like vinyl, wood, woven wood and fabric. Get some cool ideas on hanging vertical blinds on Pinterest.

3. Roman Shades

Roman shades provide a very streamlined architectural appearance to your floor-length windows. When opened, these fabric window coverings will neatly stack at the top of the windows. Select lightweight or medium-weight materials when choosing the fabric of the shades as they fold nicely one on top of the other.

There are two types of Roman shades – Relaxed shades and Constructed shades. Relaxed shades fall gently under the fabric weight as they have no rigid support inside. Constructed shades have battens, horizontal rods or dowels sewn-in that give a straight edge look at the bottom of the shade.

Try out any of these window treatments for your floor-to-ceiling windows and see the transformation it brings to your living space. Good luck!