Window Treatment Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Small Room

When it comes to choosing the right window coverings for your small room, there is a good range of options. The appropriate window treatment not only adds aesthetic appeal to small rooms but also makes them appear larger than they are. As windows occupy a significant space in a room, you should dress them cleverly. From traditional shutters to sheer curtains, you can cover your windows with a variety of options. This blog outlines the window treatment variations best suited to small rooms.

5 Window Treatment Options Suitable for Small Rooms

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters give small rooms a neat and clean look. When you fold them back, they let sunlight enter which automatically makes your small space look larger. Shutters provide great protection from the harmful effects of sunlight and heat insulation in winter. With plantation shutters, you get the level of privacy and security you want. They also ensure better control of air flow compared to room ventilation.

Plantation shutters for small space

Plantation shutters let you adjust the amount of light entering your room. They are simple to clean and maintain their original sheen for years. The clean lines of plantation shutters also give your room an elegant touch. If you are looking for a window treatment to add space and value to your small room, choose plantation shutters.


Are you looking for a cost-effective window treatment for your small room? Go for mini blinds (usually made from aluminium). You can lift mini blinds according to room temperature, interior décor and desired privacy. If your windows have narrow frames and sills, install aluminium blinds. To make your room look big, add aluminium blinds to your window frame’s interior. Vertical blinds are perfect for small windows as you can customize them according to your precise requirements. They come with long vanes and PVC inclusions which block the entrance of sunlight and provide optimum privacy. As vertical blinds are easy to maintain, they can remain in good shape for years.

To add a traditional touch to your room décor, install wood blinds. Or, if you want something cheaper and more durable, faux wood blinds are the right choice. Many people living in humid areas install faux window blinds to rid their homes of excess moisture. To let more sunlight into small rooms, pleated blinds are a good choice. As they are available in different designs and patterns, you can easily buy the one which revamps your interior and maximizes your small living space.


Hanging a pair of full-length window curtains of a shade similar to your wall in a small room captures the attention of anyone entering and gives the impression of more space. Hanging them in a small kitchen adds storage by allowing you to store utensils in the vacant space above the window. To keep your glasses organized, create a shelf across your window. Doing so, however, will not block sunlight.

Curtain ideas for small space

Café curtains are minimalist window coverings that increase natural light in your limited space. They are ideal to let light enter your room upward and enhance its look. Use a rod to hang them to cover half of your windows. Coordinate curtain colours with your room’s existing design to brighten up and expand your small living space.


Roller shades are the ideal window treatment for small rooms. They come with one fabric piece joined to a spring roller. You can easily roll them up to keep your tiny window open wide. If you want to make your window and the entire room look larger, go for an opaque roller shade. These allow in filtered light when rolled down.

To give a classic look to any room, install roman shades. They are made of high-quality fabric and soften the sharp corners of small windows. Roman shades attract attention to the ceiling and make your room seem larger. To make your room look unique, experiment with patterns and textures.

Woven wood shades are a popular choice to cover windows in small rooms. Installing them just above the frames makes your windows look taller than they are. They revamp the entire look of a room by adding warmth and texture. To avoid any distortion of your windows, customize bamboo shades for the perfect fit.


Valances are hanging fabrics which nicely cover the top of windows. Installing them completes your windows’ look. They allow natural light to enter your room which brightens and enlarges the small space. You can install a light-filtering roller shade below valances to increase the light shining through your windows and the amount of privacy you want. Customized valances transform your windows with their eye-catching design. Go for a valance style suited to your home décor to give a new dimension to already installed window shades or blinds. If you want to create a beautiful layering effect, valances are an ideal choice. For a flowing look, use fabric valances to build contrast with hard window treatments. Make a bold style statement in your small room by adding a patterned valance rather than a neutral window covering. To conceal hardware stylishly and enlarge your space, use valances to add a finishing touch to windows.

Valances for small space


Choose a window treatment for your small room carefully as the wrong choice can darken and spoil its look. The above-mentioned window treatment options brighten and beautify your small room to create the illusion of a larger space. Identify your needs to pick the right window coverings suited to your small room décor.