3 Window Treatment Ideas for Your Transom Windows

A transom window is a small window set over the transom of a door or a larger window. Traditionally fan-shaped, these windows have evolved in shape in today’s architecture. They’re great to look at; they let in plenty of light into a room and provide an additional access to view the outside. However, when it comes to window treatments, transom windows are one of the most challenging. Here are 4 ideas to beautifully dress up your transom window.

1. Floor-Length Curtains

Floor-length curtains are the ideal curtains for this type of window. They create an illusion of uninterrupted height from floor to ceiling and diffuse the light into the room effectively.
To hang up curtains, you have two options for mounting the curtain rod. There’s usually a framing that separates the transom window from the main window. So, you can mount the curtain rod on the molded framing between the top of the window and the bottom of the transom. You can also install the rod above the transom, treating the window and the transom as a single unit.

Pole rods are another option. Instead of a carved or patterned rod, go for a smooth version to complement the architecture. If you’re mounting the rod in between the window and the transom, then keep the diameter of the rod to 1 inch or less to have an uncluttered final look with the curtains on.
Flat panel curtains go well with pole rods. This curtain style is hemmed on all four sides and hung on the rods with clip-on or sewn rings. If you wish to keep the hanging method hidden, you can go for flat panel curtains with back tabs. If you have a fixed transom, then you can also opt for rod-pocket curtains.

2. Valances

You can cover your transom windows with fabric valances. Choose the colours, prints, patterns, and styles to suit the theme of your room. If you wish to give your room a classy Victorian look, you can opt for neutral or off-white colour valances. It should have a cord detail placed horizontally near the top and contrasting fringes on the scalloped bottom edge. For more ideas on valances for transom windows, check out Pinterest. You can also incorporate layers by including sheer floor-length draperies with valances to make a style statement.

3. Roman Shades

For an uncluttered look, you can install roman shades. There are two ways to do it. The first way is to leave the transom as it is and cover the window below. For this, you can mount the roman shade inside the window frame. To achieve a continuous line, place the shade at the top edge of the window glass. The other way is to treat both the transom and the window as a single unit and mount the roman shade at the top of the transom. Opt for light colours like neutrals and off-whites with a defining contrast banding along the edges of the roman shade.

Transom windows make your room look taller and brighter. But you also need to keep in mind several issues like privacy, excess sunlight and insulation, and other factors. To bring the best out of your transom windows, get in touch with a local window fashions store for custom window coverings and a free consultation.