Where Are You Going Wrong With Shutter Installation

shutters in contemporary family roomAre you wondering why your shutters are not looking as good as your neighbour’s? Are you thinking hard where you went wrong? If you have installed shutters in your home as a DIY project, there are chances that there are errors in setting them up. Read on to know where you might have gone wrong with your shutter installation.

Exterior window shutters are often considered as one of the most appealing options for doors and windows. Since they are easy to install, may home owners opt for DIY projects. Unfortunately, not all are able to do it perfectly and end up hanging shutters the wrong way. This may not affect your homes, but it definitely does destroy curb appeal to your home.  Statistics reveal that in 99% of homes, window shutters are not set up appropriately, thereby leading to terrible results. Whether they are traditional wood shutters or plastic ones there is a lot of stuff you need to get acquainted with. Here is a list of errors that every owner can avoid, if only they are aware of them!

Size Errors

To begin with people often make size errors for shutters. The width of every shutter must be equal to half the size of window casing. For both shutters to close, they must fit inside the window and fill the window casing. If shutters are incorrectly placed, they destroy the pattern of your home.

Shape Errors

The shape of shutters and windows must match. But some people believe square shutters are good for arch windows. Wrong shutters are not only a waste of money, but also ruin the look and feel of your household.

Shutter Mounting Errors

It is common to spot shutters that are actually mounted the wrong way. It makes your house look ugly, bland and cheap. Some households install shutters facing directly to the sides of your house. The correct way to do this is by installing shutters directly on top of a window casing. But most people seem to overlook this. Another common error is installing shutters flat against your house. This will result in loss of shadow lines, giving your house a flat look. Correctly installed shutters should be protruding from the walls of your house, attached on a hinge.

While deciding on installation of window shutters, try hiring professional help for guidance so that it is correctly done. One mistake and entire look is spoiled. It is never too late to reinstall your shutters with technical help and guidance from experts. The key to great looking shutters lies in their installation so make sure you do it right!