Box Pleat Curtains

A casual style curtain that adds elegance to your space

This type of curtain is box-shaped at the curtain heading which creates wide, rectangular pleats throughout its length. Box pleat curtains work well with almost any light to medium weight fabric like cotton, silk, linen and sheer.

Inverted box pleat curtains come with the pleats on the back of the drape. The clean pleats are suitable for modern interior design. It’s ideal for rooms with geometrically shaped decor items, and similar furniture arrangements.
These curtains provide superior insulation and can be easily operated. They also have safe lifting systems to ensure kids and pets are kept safe.

Centurian Window Fashions has an extensive collection of different styles of curtains from reputed brands that can be customized according to your needs. Visit our showrooms in Toronto or Vaughan to view our latest window treatment collection.