Custom draperies to spruce up your windows with a dash of elegance

Draperies can accompany shutters, blinds shades and curtains. They can create a dream-like dim-out effect by filtering out harsh daylight. Custom drapes are made to fit exact shape and size of windows.

If you want a rich flow of draperies kissing the floor or making a puddle, then go for longer lengths. For an off-the-floor look, keep them shorter. If your home has small children or pets, then choose shorter drapes for their safety.

Gathered, Flat Romans, Dowel Roman, Relaxed Roman, Swaggy Roman and Balloon Drapes are the varieties we have in store for you. You can choose from stationary or operable drapery panels.

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    Types of Drapery Styles

    At Centurian Window Fashions, we offer a wide assortment of fabulous drapery styles to match your decor. You can choose from many pleat styles to customize your draperies. The styles that we offer include:

    Ripple Fold 

    This modern-looking drapery pleat style is a favourite among interior designers because of its simplicity and beauty. This enables these incredibly functional draperies to glide effortlessly along the track.

    Grommet Pleat

    This contemporary drapery style features hand-pressed grommets. They are perfect for stylish, modern interiors as they give your windows a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

    Pinch Pleat

    Also known as a French pleat, this classic style is formed into a three-finger “flute” and is hung using drapery pins. This drapery style has been trending for a long time and looks here to stay.

    Inverted Pleat

    Give your windows a neat and tailored look with custom draperies featuring inverted pleats. They create a casual, relaxed style and give them a decorative appearance.

    Goblet Pleat

    Goblet draperies have a sophisticated shape with large goblet-shaped pleats. The intricate pleats are carefully constructed to add an old-world elegance to your windows. They are ideal for decorative purposes and are not preferred for everyday use.

    Best Reasons to Buy Custom Draperies

    Draperies are an excellent way to and make a statement and bring a room’s design elements together. But that’s not possible with ready-made draperies. Your best bet to get the design and appearance you desire is to buy custom draperies. Here are some reasons to choose tailor-made draperies.

    • They are carefully measured to perfectly fit your windows. They are ideal for oddly-shaped windows like bay or oversized styles.
    • Ready-made draperies aren’t necessarily the best quality. When you choose custom draperies, they are sewn for you, thus ensuring superior-quality fabrication.
    • They offer a one-of-a-kind appearance because they are made according to your specifications.
    • They are more personal as they are customized to meet your needs. This means you can add any detail you want, an option not available on store-bought products.

    Why Choose Our Custom Draperies

    Centurian Window Fashions has a rich selection of beautiful drapery fabrics and designs so you can find the perfect custom draperies to match your personal style. They are ideal to control light, are easy to operate, and fashionably update your windows. Our simple, classic and elegant draperies are impeccably crafted to create a look that is all yours. When you choose our products to decorate your windows, you get:

    • High-grade fabrics
    • Expert craftsmanship
    • Diverse collection
    • Top-quality hardware
    • Professional guidance

    We are committed to making over your home by offering stylish and long-lasting window coverings and exceptional service. Our dedication, attention to detail, partnerships with top brands, exclusive collection, error-free work, and great style make us one of the most trusted destinations for custom draperies in the GTA. Book an appointment today!