Ripplefold Pleat Curtains

A soft, floating look of continuous waves to spruce up your home

Ripple fold pleat curtains are specially tailored to create gentle, ripple-like folds throughout the length of the curtain. The ripples or waves in this style of curtains are denser than wave pleat curtains. They are ideal for contemporary residential and commercial spaces.

These curtains stack back neatly, bring in more light and take less space than normal pleated curtains. They look great when hung from the ceiling and are good choices for long windows.

Usually, the curtain headings are stitched with a stiffened nylon snap tape and are snapped on track panels. The curtains can be drawn from both sides of the track with a baton draw, cord or motorized device, creating smooth even waves.

Centurian Window Fashions offers ripplefold pleat curtains in a wide variety of fabrics, colours, textures, patterns and designs from popular brands.