Wave Pleat Curtains

A neat, uniform and minimalist look that complements all modern homes

Wave pleat curtains are a contemporary curtain heading style that makes curtains hang in wide, even waves or folds. They are mounted on special tracks to produce a wave effect.

This style works best in fabrics with a higher percentage of cotton than polyester to create soft, rippling finish that is ideal for modern spaces. Interlined silk, blackout lining, voiles and lined cotton make for a good choice for creating wave pleat curtains. Highly embroidered, metallic threads and stiff fabric are, however, not fit for creating neat waves.

Wave pleat curtains are ideal for covering bay windows. The curtains pull back neatly either side of the bay windows as the special tracks and pole can be custom bent to fit the bays. The final appearance of the wave pleat curtains depends on the combination of the glider cord, the spacing of the curtain hooks and the special tape at the back of the curtain.


  • Minimized curtain track
  • Simple operation
  • Minimalist, sophisticated look
  • Even waves throughout the curtain length
  • Compatible with pelmets
  • Budget-friendly
  • Less maintenance

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