How Custom Motorized Blinds Can Transform Your Home

With the increasing popularity of home automation, more Mississauga homeowners than ever are managing their household products through portable devices.

One facet of home automation that is especially beneficial is custom motorized blinds. These window coverings not only look attractive but are also highly functional.

In this post, we talk about how custom motorized blinds can change the look and feel of your Mississauga home.

Let’s get started.

Revamp Your Home with Custom Motorized Blinds in Mississauga

Here are the ways roller blinds, roman blinds and other custom motorized blinds can improve the appearance of your windows and home generally.

1. They Enhance the Safety of Your Kids and Pets

Custom motorized blinds are a safer option for your home as they don’t use chains or cords. Indeed, their design eliminates strangling/choking issues for pets and children. Moreover, most of these automated coverings are programmed via a timer which allows them to be opened or closed easily through a smart device.

2. They Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

custom motorized blinds in Vaughan

If you wish to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, custom motorized blinds are your best bet. Nearly 30% of heat from a house is lost via its windows, meaning these coverings can actually help save energy and curtail energy bills. These blinds are especially perfect for houses with tall windows.

In winter they act as an obstruction between the window and the air inside the room. Cellular blinds are best in this situation because their cells hold trapped air which helps to retain heat inside and, in turn, the need for heating.

In summer you may lower these blinds to keep heat out of your home. The cooler the temperature inside, the less you need to use your air conditioner.

3. They Deliver Optimum Privacy

When designing your home, one objective is to create privacy. When the sun sets and the lights are on, a bare window exposes your home for everyone to see. With motorized blinds, you ensure that your windows are well-covered during the evening. Based on the kind of fabric used in the blinds, these window coverings may provide maximum privacy while also allowing light and air inside.

4. They Are Convenient

These blinds may be opened or closed with the press of a button on a remote, keypad, tablet or smartphone. They are a great option for elderly people who face difficulty in getting up multiple times to adjust their blinds. Motororized window coverings allow you to adjust them from anywhere in the room.

Apart from controlling them remotely, you can also set opening and closing times as per your convenience. For instance, you may program the time they open in the morning and close at night.

5. They Are Less Noisy

Compared to standard cord-operated window coverings, custom motorized blinds move gently and do not make noise. Cellular motorized coverings also offer good insulation against temperature and sound, and the honeycomb variety acts as a barrier against UV/regular light and external sound.

6. You Enjoy Better Security

These window blinds deter robbers and enhance your home’s security by creating the impression that you’re home when you’re not. Because motorized window covering are controlled remotely via smartphone app, it appear as if you are home. Lights can also be operated on a timer instead of manually.

7. They Help Protect Your Furniture

Your valuable art and furniture can be damaged by continuous exposure to direct sunlight, and wall paint can fade. Again, you can program a timer to schedule your motorized blinds to close and open at specific times. In this way you never have to think about adjusting them manually and they close when the sun is at maximum glare.

Hopefully, this post has taught you how to use custom motorized blinds to increase the energy efficiency and appearance of your home in Mississauga. For top-quality sun shades, roller blinds, or any motorized window coverings, hire a leading window treatment company like Lerner Interiors. From material selection to installation, we help you throughout the process. Read our reviews to learn how we serve our customers.