How to Make Your Room Look Spacious with Curtains

Not every homeowner has big rooms but this doesn’t mean that they can’t try out new things to create an illusion of a larger space. Windows provide one of the easiest solutions to make living spaces appear bigger. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how the right curtains and the way you hang them can make your small room look spacious.

Choose Vertical Patterns

Vertical stripes can effectively create an illusion of height. If you have low ceilings, choose vertical stripes on muted colours or plaids for the curtains. Select vertical designs on open-weave, lightweight curtains to keep your room airy. This type of curtains can also help add a beautiful texture to your space.

Hang Them Closer to the Ceiling

A simple way to add height to your room is to hang your curtains high. Instead of hanging them near the window frame, mount the curtain rod near the ceiling. Opt for floor-length curtains as they draw attention to the entire length, creating an illusion of height. Here are different variations of floor-length curtains that you can consider for your room.

  • Floating Curtains: These curtains have a space of not more than one centimetre between its bottom hem and the floor. They don’t accumulate dust on the floor as a result. They come with a simple casual look and are easy to pull open and close.

  • Pooling Curtains: This style of floor-length curtains fall softly onto the floor creating puddles of fabric. They’re a growing trend in curtain styles and work best with lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, silk or voile. Since a lot of fabric pool on the floor, these curtains accumulate dust and require high maintenance.

  • Trouser Break Curtains: These curtains are only a few inches longer so that they slightly bend above the bottom hem when resting on the floor. They provide a tailored look to your space and work well with all kinds of fabric.

  • Touching Curtains: The length of these curtains is just one centimetre long or short so that it touches the floor surface. They’re ideal to create a clean and simple look in any room.

Some Additional Tips

  • Avoid using dark coloured and heavy fabric curtains as they’ll make your room appear smaller.

  • Avoid horizontal patterns or large floral prints as they make high ceilings and wide walls look visually shorter.

  • If you’re using a curtain rod to hang your curtains, make sure to opt for a long rod that extends outside the window frame towards the wall. This will help you draw open the curtains exposing the full width of the window, making the area look bigger. It’ll also allow more light to enter into your space.

  • If you have a radiator beneath the window, don’t use floor length curtains as that can restrict the heat circulation. You should also avoid floor-to-ceiling curtains in kids’ rooms as they may lead to accidents because children tend to play in them. In such cases, hang the curtains up to the sill of the window or just below for their safety.

Take cues from these suggestions and choose the right curtain for your room to make it look spacious. If you’re looking for branded curtains for your home, contact Centurian Window Fashions. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to quality of window coverings and installation services.