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    When it comes to designing your dream home, every aspect must be taken into consideration, including lighting, furnishings, wall decor, storage, and window treatments. Your choice of the latter affects the look, comfort, ventilation, and privacy of your room so should be chosen carefully. While there is a wide range of window treatments, roller shades are a popular choice thanks to their functionality and affordability. They’re also easy to maintain and can match almost any type of decor. At Centurian Window Fashions, we offer a wide range of high-quality roller shades, including room-darkening, light-filtering, and blackout varieties. We sell easy-to operate roller shades made from materials manufactured by top brands. Designed to control light and privacy, these shades come in a variety of colours and textures.

    High-Quality Roller Shades in Toronto

    Excellent Versatility

    Whether you want your shades to block out sunlight completely or allow in some natural light while maintaining your privacy, our roller shades can do the job. We sell a variety of premium light-filtering shades, in both cordless and corded versions, that are specially designed to preserve your view outside while maintaining privacy. This makes them ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, sunrooms, and dining rooms. We also offer an extensive range of blackout shades designed to eliminate as much external light as possible. Our high-quality blackout fabric roller shades are ideal for spaces that demand maximum privacy and light control, such as bedrooms, home offices, and home theatres.

    Simple Maintenance

    Window shades typically have many small individual pieces, with each slat or blade tending to collect dust, dirt, pet hair, and other allergens. Plus, certain types of blinds or shades are more mechanically complex than others, which means they may require frequent maintenance and repairs—especially if they are operated regularly. However, the sleek and minimalist design of roller shades makes them easy to clean. Besides accumulating less dirt and dust, they’re also less likely to need repairs because their moving parts are protected inside the headrail. If they do require maintenance, it's likely something simple, like a screw needing to be tightened or replaced.

    Perfect for Large Windows

    Roller shades have a link bracket system perfect for large windows. This bracket system is unique and only used for this type of blind. Typically, two sets of shades are affixed to the one bracket, reducing the space between them and maximizing privacy.

    Easy Customization

    The uncomplicated design of roller shades makes them functional and easy to use. For further convenience, you can personalize them according to your choice of light filtration, privacy, and appearance. At Centurian, we understand that your style, needs, and rooms are all unique. That's why we offer customized window treatments for every budget. Choose from a wide variety of versatile, functional, and attractive shades and customize them by size, fabric, fitting type, and colour.

    Insulating Properties

    If you choose blackout roller shades for your bedroom, you’re sure to stay comfortable and sleep peacefully even during the day. They’re designed to block light and help maintain a favourable temperature indoors. Their insulating properties also help reduce the load on your home’s heating and cooling systems.

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    Types of Roller Shades

    Black Out

    Provides maximum light blocking, thanks to thick, high-quality fabrics. Many people prefer them because they save on energy and increase privacy.


    Offers up to 90% protection from harmful UV rays and significantly reduces air conditioning costs. They are also helpful for people with sun allergies.

    Perfect Fit

    Simply clip onto the frame of your unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) window to achieve a neat look. No need for additional cords, chains, or window drilling.


    These can be opened and closed, at home or remotely, with the press of a button on a smartphone, remote, in-wall keypad, or tablet. Particularly beneficial for seniors and the disabled.

    3 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Roller Shades

    Keep the following tips in mind when choosing the perfect roller shades for your windows.

    • Select roller shades that reflect your room’s style and theme as well as your personal taste. For example, if your home has minimalist decor and features smart appliances, pick white or neutral-coloured roller shades.
    • When choosing your roller shades’ material, consider the room you’re using them in. For areas exposed to heat, like south-facing rooms, consider aluminium or blackout roller shades. Their white reflective backing eliminates excess warmth to keep rooms comfortable. For areas with high humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms, choose faux wood or composite shades that resist moisture.
    • Your choice of roller shades also depends on location. For instance, if you’re using them in your bedroom, horizontal shades are a good option. These allow you to open and close them according to the amount of privacy and light you want. If you’re buying them for a sliding door, vertical shades are suitable as they can open and close the same way your doors do.

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