Basement Window Coverings for Your Home in Toronto

Basements in homes have high utilitarian values with the space being used for various purposes depending upon the need of the home owner. These spaces can be renovated to create a study, music room and library or even to accommodate tenancy. However it is essential to maintain this area of your home so that it is put to good use especially if you have a big family. While renovating a basement it is extremely important to pay adequate attention to the windows because they are the only source of natural light. As a home owner in Toronto you have choose window coverings for your basement keeping in mind various factors like:

  • Energy efficiency: The window coverings that you choose should help you maintain comfortable temperatures within the basement which is usually damp and cold.
  • Privacy: It may be the basement, but if you are planning to use the space then you ought to install window coverings that offer adequate privacy allowing you to enjoy the space in your house in Toronto.
  • Light: The windows in a basement are the only source of natural light. This not only illuminates the space but also brings in warmth. So you should choose window coverings that enable this.
  • Style and esthetics: Last but not the least when you are renovating your basement you have to keep in mind your personal preferences. Choose high performance window coverings that brighten up the space adding character to it depending upon its purpose.
  • Security: In addition to all the above factors, the window coverings in your basement should reinforce security and safety. Basement windows are easy to break into and a favorite with house breakers and burglars.

As experts in window coverings, we at Centurian Window Fashions suggest a few options for this space:

Drapes and curtains: Owing to their versatility, drapes and curtains are a great choice for every window in the house including the basement. They can set the tone for the space along with adding to the privacy and security. You can choose lined ones for added advantages to keep the basement warm and retain internal temperatures because basements often feel cold and damp. Heavy drapes or curtains will prevent external cold air from filtering in.

Blinds: Vertical blinds are a good option for basement windows for homes in Toronto especially if you have an outside view that you wish to enjoy. Blinds allow ample control and management of natural light coming into this space.

You can also use drapes in combination with blinds or shutters available at our store in Toronto to create an element of space and enhanced functionality. Whichever window covering you choose for your basement it is also important to keep in mind style, color, pattern, material and your pocket! You can get in touch with our experts at Centurian Window Fashions who can guide you in buying the best for your basement.