What Are the Benefits of Natural Window Coverings?

Being surrounded by greenery and natural elements have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. These days, interior designers are more inclined towards using natural materials and elements in home décor. The window is no exception. With the right covering and dressing, the windows can become a focal point of the house. Moreover, using a natural and eco-friendly material for a window covering is beneficial in many ways.

This post discusses the various eco-friendly options that you can consider for your home, and the benefits they have.

natural window shades

Different types of natural materials

There are different types of window coverings that use natural materials. These are used for making several styles of shades, blinds, and drapes. Some popular natural materials are:

  • Bamboo-

It is a sustainable material that grows quickly and is widely available. It is hard enough to be used as flooring, furniture and window coverings. This affordable and attractive material can add a rustic charm to your home.

  • Woven materials-

Usually, it is manufactured using bamboo but these days, it is not limited to bamboo or wood alone. You can also find woven window coverings made of jute, hemp, kenaf, and flax.

  • Cotton-

This is a popular natural medium used for making shades and curtains. You can find Roman shades made of cotton and there are innumerable choices when it comes to curtains. The only drawback of the material is that it gets dirty very easily.

  • Wood-

Wood has a classic beauty and texture, making it a popular choice among buyers looking for shutters and slatted shades and blinds. However, it is not an eco-friendliest option which is why artificial alternatives like faux wood are gaining popularity.

Benefits of the materials

Now that you know the different natural materials there are, here are the numerous benefits you can expect.

  • Texture

Natural materials have a unique texture that cannot be mimicked by artificial alternatives. They look and feel very cozy and impart warmth to your interior décor. This is particularly true for wood and woven materials.

  • Eco-friendly

Materials like bamboo, flax and other similar woven materials are eco-friendly options. They are sustainable materials which are available in abundance. Moreover, a well-constructed window covering is designed to provide the right amount of insulation and protect the interiors from harmful external elements and vice versa.

  • Versatile

Natural materials are versatile and can be used in any part of the house. They can be used outdoors as well. Depending on the chosen material, they can be used for bathrooms and kitchens. For example, wood is not the best choice for windows in the bathroom. But you can always use woven materials in the form of a roller or Roman shades which can be pulled up away from the humidity and steam. Even if they get wet, it is easier to clean and dry them than wooden slats which can warp.

  • Privacy

Be it slatted or woven, natural materials help to maintain your privacy and allow the right amount of natural light in. Window coverings like woven natural shades, wood blinds are opaque enough to maintain your privacy and can be controlled easily to allow enough air and light in when you need to.

  • Fresh ambience

Natural materials in any form influence the air quality within your home and enhance it, thus rendering a fresh ambience. The style, texture and elegance of natural window covering impart a coziness to the ambience. Natural materials can also help to uplift the mood within your home. It freshens the air within the house which makes you more relaxed and energetic.

  • Easy maintenance

Eco-friendly materials are easy to clean and since they are made from durable raw materials like bamboo, and jute, they do not require frequent repairing either. On the other hand, homeowners investing in slatted window coverings often have trouble with cleaning the dust accumulated on individual slats. If maintenance and repair hassles are not your cup of tea, look for window coverings which are not slatted and made of materials which are easy to clean and camouflage dust.

  • Lightweight

Natural materials are much lighter which make them easy to install and operate. They are less prone to wear and tear, which means they have a longer lifespan compared to their artificial counterparts. The ease of controlling the window coverings made from lightweight materials is a major plus that attracts customers who are looking for a simple and safe option.

  • Customization

Natural shades and blinds are available in numerous colours, textures, functionalities, shapes, transparencies, and patterns which can meet all your requirements. You can customize the window coverings according to the size of the windows and the requirements you have so that it complements the interior décor.

Homeowners always strive for healthier alternatives these days, and what’s more beneficial than having natural materials in the form of home décor? You can find numerous styles and textures of natural blinds and shades in any reputed store, and even get them customized accordingly. Irrespective of the material you choose, the above-mentioned benefits will always remain constant.