Blinds Stores in Mississauga: How to Choose the Best Living Room Blinds

Many of us consider our living room the heart of our home as it’s where we rest and relax at the end of the day. That’s why privacy and light control are important factors when it comes to buying window blinds. After all, no one wants strangers looking in or glare on our TVs.

In this post, we discuss how to pick the best window blinds from Centurian, the leading window blinds store in Mississauga.

How to Buy the Best Living Room Blinds from Leading Blinds Stores in Mississauga

Here are a few factors and types of blinds to consider when buying window blinds for your living room.

1. Improved Privacy

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If the windows in your living room face a busy street, your privacy is easily compromised by passers-by. Roller and roman blinds are both recommended for this purpose.

Roller blinds are a type of fabric blind that comes with one or two rollers. When using two rollers, a voile (this is a thin, semi-transparent layer) is added to decrease glare. It is paired with a blackout layer for night-time privacy.

One type of roller blind is the day-and-night blind. They have a single fabric made from an intricate weave of blackout and voile strips. When you open these blinds, the blackout strips overlap to block sunlight. In this way, it gives you control over the light coming into your space.

Roman blinds are another option. Made from a thicker fabric than roller blinds, these luxurious blinds have rods sewn inside to form even folds. When you pull the cord, these blinds neatly unfold from the window top. They do not wrap around a roller and are available in diverse fabrics and textures. They also have different linings, such as thermal or blackout.

2. Reduced On-Screen Glare

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Whether you work in your living room or use it as a home theatre, on-screen glare undoubtedly is a huge pain point. As mentioned, when you watch a movie, glare can cause a disturbance. Also, when you are working on your computer, it can break your concentration, hamper your productivity, and even trigger headaches or migraines.

So, if you want light control in your living room, vertical blinds are your best bet. These stylish premium blinds are perfect for wider windows and can make your ceilings look higher. They are partially opened to allow some natural light in while still offering a little bit of privacy. They can also be opened fully.

3. Increased Airflow

If your home becomes stuffy due to lack of air, then choose Venetian blinds. They allow a free flow of air into any room while protecting your furnishings from fading caused by exposure to sunlight. They are also known for their sleek and striking appearance and affordability.

Beyond their stylish appearance, these blinds are low maintenance and offer complete light and privacy control. When completely raised, the blinds stack at the window top without blocking your view.

These are some of the different types of blinds available from leading blind stores in Mississauga like Centurian. Some offer maximum privacy; others, easy airflow. So, choose accordingly. Do you want to buy Hunter Douglas blinds in Mississauga? If you are still struggling to decide which option is best for your living room, contact Centurian Window Fashions. Whether your decor is contemporary, modern, or traditional, we have multiple window blinds, including motorized or automatic blinds in Mississauga. They are sourced from leading brands like Hunter Douglas, Maxxmar and Graber. Read our reviews to find out how well we serve our customers.