The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Window Treatments for Any Room

Every room in the house is used for a specific purpose, which alters the way you design and decorate each space. It’s important to keep the various intricacies and function of each room to determine the right kind of décor that will complement it. Whether you are remodelling a single room or the entire house, windows have a major influence on the overall décor. Choosing the right kind of window treatment will enhance the style of your space, maintain your privacy and ensure proper insulation Read more [...]

What Are the Different Types of Window Valances?

Available in different styles, valances add to the aesthetics of your windows. They can be used as a stand-alone window treatment or along with other window dressings like drapes, shades, shutters, and blinds. Being aware of the different styles available will help you to choose the right option for your home. This post compiles a list of the different types of valances you can find and how they can enhance your interior décor. Scarf A fabric draped from one end of the valance rod to Read more [...]

Window Dressing Tips for Trapezoid Windows

trapezoid windows
Trapezoid windows are beautiful architectural additions to modern homes with slanted roofs. They are also known as angle-bottom or angle-top windows. They are built near the sloping ceiling following the slope above a traditional rectangular window. While they allow abundant light and air to flow in, finding a suitable window dressing is difficult due to its irregular shape. This post lists the best window treatments for maintaining the aesthetics of trapezoid windows while covering it practically. Read more [...]

Top 6 Benefits of Solar Shades

solar shades
Solar shades are popular choice for their benefits and sophisticated look. They reduce the energy consumption due to their insulating properties. Thy can also provide UV protection, and are flame retardant. They can be motorized with varied opacity and is durable too. This infographic by Centurian Window Fashion discuss the benefits of solar shades. Read more [...]

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Installing Curtains and Drapery

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Installing Curtains and Drapery 2
We all try to recreate the perfect window treatments seen in various lifestyle magazines and websites. It feels disappointing when we don’t get the exact results, and often wonder where we went wrong. Though it appears easy, hanging drapery and curtains is an art, and poorly hung window treatments can ruin the overall décor of the room. We have all made mistakes at some point, which has led to disastrous results. This post discusses possible mistakes homeowners make when hanging curtains and Read more [...]

Top 5 Window Treatments Ideal for a Home Library

Top 5 Window Treatments Ideal for a Home Library_Feture
If you love reading and have a spare room, turning it into a home library would be a perfect use of the space. Whether you have a modern, spacey and playful interior or a sombre vintage style, the window treatments you select has a major influence. You must decide on your selection carefully, as this element enhances the ambience of the room and creates an ideal space for reading. This blog post discusses five different types of window treatments that work best for library windows and how they can Read more [...]

Top 5 FAQs on Buying Window Shutters

Top 5 FAQs on Buying Window Shutters
Window dressing and accessories are an important part of your interior décor. They are functional and stylish, adding to the overall aesthetics of your home. Shutters are among the most durable window treatments that can last for decades. They are available for indoor and outdoor installation. There are different styles of shutters, classified based on mechanism, material, size and purpose. Buyers often get confused when they go to shop for shutters because of these variations. This post is a compilation Read more [...]

Types of Blinds- a Detailed Guide to Choosing the Best Ones for Your Home

blinds toronto
Window treatments are functional and decorative ways to maintain privacy and insulate your home. There are several types of window treatments like valances, curtains, blinds, shades, shutter and hardware accessories. Blinds are among the most popular window coverings because they look great and are functional as well. There are various styles of blinds based on their design, textile or material, mechanism and features. Every home has specific needs for privacy, temperature control and noise Read more [...]

How to Use Shades and Blinds to Make Your Room Appear Larger

How to Use Shades and Blinds to Make Your Room Appear Larger 02
Your home may be small but with the right light, colours and accessories it can look spacious and become functional. The right window treatment can also leave your home appearing spacious making the decision to shop for window dressing an important one. Smaller spaces are challenging to decorate and get cluttered easily. But strategic interior décor can create an optical illusion of space. Give your small apartment a healthy airy feel by installing the right kind of blinds or shades. Here are certain Read more [...]

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