The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Curtain Rods for Your Home

When it comes to window treatments, installing proper curtain rods is essential. Besides supporting the curtains, they add a finishing touch to your window treatment. The ideal combination of curtains and rods enhances the overall appearance of your room significantly. However, the abundance of curtain rods in the Canadian market makes choosing the right one difficult and confusing. Here’s a handy guide to selecting the curtain rods that best suit your draperies and interiors.

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6 Tips to Choose the Best Curtain Rods for Your Windows

Measure Your Windows

  • To select the right size of curtain rod, measure your windows accurately. Measuring windows is easy if you follow certain techniques. Use one-quarter-inch wide steel or metal tape to measure every window, even if all of them appear to be the same size. If you use finials, include an extra inch to your measurements.
  • Choose a curtain rod that extends approximately three to six inches beyond your window frame. The extended rods make your windows look bigger and fill your room with more light. The rod size you select depends on your window. It is advisable to get an adjustable rod to extend your curtains past the window frame, as widely as you want. Keep in mind the weight and material of curtains when choosing a rod. Thin rods are perfect for lightweight sheer curtains, while thick curtain rods (at least one inch thick) are ideal for heavy blackout curtains.


Pick the Curtain Rod Style

  • As curtain rods come in many styles, you need to choose the ones that go well with your home decoration or furniture. Standard rods are widely used by homeowners as they hold up almost every type of regular curtain. If you want to create a beautiful layered curtain effect, use double or combination rods to blend coverings.
  • Do you use blackout curtains? Then choose wraparound rods. They are U-shaped and fully wrap curtains around the contours and cover windows. If have light curtains, opt for wire or cable rods; as they are thin and flexible, you can curve the curtains easily. Tension rods are suitable for small windows or windows where regular brackets or rods do not fit properly. They are inexpensive and can be adjusted according to your requirements but cannot support heavy curtains. 

Select the Curtain Rod Material

  • A stylish curtain rod made of high-quality material with an excellent finish beautifies your room. If you want curtain rods that look good in every room, choose ones made of wood and metal. Always select the rod material suited to your room décor and curtain requirements. For instance, a wooden curtain rod is the best choice for a room with mostly wooden furniture. If your room has glass-heavy or modern furniture, sleek brass curtain rods will do wonders.
  • Wooden curtain rods are preferred by many homeowners because of their natural look and ability to last for years with minimal maintenance. Before picking your curtain rod’s colour, it is essential to decide on the finish. Besides wood, curtain rods come in bronze, nickel, steel and brass finishes.

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Pick a Colour to Match the Curtains

  • Curtain rods come in standard colours such as black, white, gold, bronze and silver. Make sure the curtain rod colour you choose complements your curtains, furniture and other decorative elements. These include ceiling lights, chairs, dressers and headboards.
  • Is your room mostly white? A white curtain rod will blend with the interior nicely. If your room has dark wood furniture, go for curtain rods in darker shades. Besides making your room look good, dark draperies block light. The colour of brushed stainless rods complements metal light fixtures, while brass curtain rods add gold tones to your room. If your curtains are light grey or richly tinted, choose a silver metal rod.

Include Curtain Finials

  • Finials are knobs or endcaps that help hold curtain ends tightly so the curtain does not fall to the ground. They also complement curtain rods and your room’s interior. Finials are mainly decorative, however, go for ones that best suit your curtains, rods and room décor.
  • To add style and glamour, consider crystal and sculptured curtain finials. Wooden or geometric finials with a brass finish give curtain rods a mid-century modern look. For a more traditional touch, choose carved wooden finials. If you are still unsure, buy ball finials or classic cap ones that work with any room.

Think About Special Room Requirements

  • When it comes to choosing curtain rods for your living space, do not forget to consider the room’s purpose. Remember, not every curtain style looks good in every room. As kitchens and bathrooms usually have small windows, installing valances in those areas is smart. Use adjustable curtain rods made of plastic or stainless steel to enhance the interior and get rid of excess moisture.
  • To create a separation between two rooms, hang a pair of curtains on a swing arm rod. This is a great way to divide a big living room or detach your closet from the other areas of your living space. Both add curb appeal.

Choosing the right curtain rods provides firm support to your curtains and improves the overall appearance of your room. With the availability of curtain rods in a variety of colours, materials, and finishes, you will surely find the ones suited to your curtains and home décor.