Find Out the Latest Drapery Trends of 2018

If you easily can add some jazz to your home windows by adopting the latest styles, then what are you waiting for? In today’s blog post, we’ll be going over some of the drapery trends set to shape 2018. Bright colours, bold designs, antique prints, contrast patterns and wrapped up draperies are all in this year. As your home takes after you, you’ll have to choose wisely if you want to woo visitors with your amazing taste and style.

To find out what’s taking the interior industry by storm, keep reading below:

  • Bold Patterns Are Here To Stay

Nothing can replace floor-to-ceiling window styles, especially if the drapes have bold designs. If your room is painted with a neutral hue, then you can opt for bold patterns like ikat with vibrant shades. With the increasing demand for big and bold styles, this trend is here to stay and dominate the décor of your home.

  • Florals Can Never Go Wrong

The bright pink, orange and red floral prints have styled homes for ages. It’s a classic aesthetic style which means you can never go wrong selecting it. It is best suited for bedrooms or living rooms. If your aim is to invite a cheerful mood to a room, then select floral over styles.

  • Dramatic Drapes Are Something To Checkout

Your bedroom is a room that is entirely yours. As such, decorating it with dramatic drapes can add a romantic touch. The flowing linen drapes from the queen size bed to the bay windows look elegant. This is usually seen at grand hotels, but, who said you can’t try it at your home?

  • Neutral Shades Soothe The Soul

Simple, chic and sophisticated to look at, neutral shades are something that invites tranquillity to a space. The neutral coloured drapes appear serene and also add volume to the room. You can go for all neutral or you can contrast dark walls with neutral drapes, the choice is yours!

  • Antique Prints Are Royal

Brocade fabrics with antique imprints look regal and remind us of the kings and queens. Needless to say, that the styling has emerged from the royal families where these antique printed drapes were one of the highlights. With these drapes, you can give your dining or living space a princely touch.

  • Layering Is In

Layering is a Bohemian style where linen vivacious colour tones of more than one curtain cover the window. Extremely trendy, this drapery style is for anyone who wants to keep it simple yet stylish.

  • Frills Gives A Victorian Touch

Reignite your love for a classic English era by bringing in the frill draperies to your windows. The beautiful silk draperies with custom-made puff-top impart a feminine appearance to a space. So, if you’re a person who likes to live life like a queen, then select this drapery.

The above-mentioned list features some of the major drapery trends that are doing the rounds in the interior decoration industry this year. Pick the one that suits your taste and revamp the face of your rooms with graceful drapes.

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