Window Covering Ideas for Oddly Shaped Windows

Oddly Shaped Windows

Windows can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As such, each window needs a different treatment depending on its shape and the purpose it serves.

Some houses have oddly shaped windows, such as an arched window, bay window or high window. Traditional window dressings won’t work in these cases. You need to think creatively to change the awkward looking windows into beautiful pieces.

Here are some window covering ideas to transform your oddly shaped windows.

Bay Windows

Bay windows can give a larger and brighter look to your room. The challenge, however, is to select dressings that work in a semi-circular frame. You can either treat them individually or as a whole.

• Place drapery panels at each corner of the window for a bigger appearance. If you want privacy without compromising the light being permitted to enter, then add a transparent curtain along with the drapes. Motorized drapes are also an option for conveniently covering the windows.

• Blinds, shutters and solar shades are good at treating bay windows individually. They provide complete cover to your windows and offer privacy as well. Just make sure to get the right measurements.

• If you don’t want to cover the windows completely, then valances are the perfect choice. You can ditch the drapes or compliment them with valances to give a fresh look to your space.

Arched Windows

A pointed or arched window is an architectural masterpiece, but it can be a problem for window dressings. Many arched windows come with glass panels, but they allow too much light inside. Treating them is essential for blocking the light and having some privacy.

• Shutters are the perfect solution for dressing up arched windows. They are available in an arch shape and provide a finished look to the windows. However, they can’t be opened, unlike traditional plantation shutters.

• Consider customized window treatments if you want to experiment with your arched window. By customizing the coverings, you can beautify the windows without compromising on the functionality.


Skylights give a dramatic look to the room. They allow natural light and give the pleasure of a starry night. These benefits could be side-lined because of heat transfer they let in however. A complete covering is necessary for these windows.

• Cellular shades are the first choice to dress up the ‘windows of star-gazers’. The shades restrict incoming UV rays and allow filtered light inside. With cellular shades, you have the option of special tracks for movement at all angles.

• Motorized vertical blinds are a good choice for skylights. The blinds could be remote controlled for more access and to get the perfect amount of light whenever required.

Round Windows

Round windows are mostly used in coastal or waterside homes. No matter how uncommon they are, special window treatment that compliments their shape are required.

• Shutters are great at covering round windows. They seamlessly fit into your windows shape. Go for plantation shutters for their convenience and durability.

• Another way to treat round windows is to use simple fabrics. Don’t hang it straight or else the circular shape will get covered. Use a hoop and wrap the fabric across it, then insert the hoop into the window frame.

Having an unevenly shaped window is not an obstacle if you apply the right window treatment. Discover what goes best with which shape. Dressing up the windows correctly will enhance the appearance and add practicality to your home.