5 Window Treatment Ideas for Preschools

Window Treatment Ideas for Preschools

Preschool is an important time in a child’s life as this is when he/she is most receptive to learning. To better facilitate the learning process, an ideal environment is required. Classroom windows can often be a distraction to a child, but if they’re altered with the right window treatment, then they can be stimulating instead.

1) Graphic Blinds and Shades

By having graphic blinds or shades installed, not only will strong incoming light be blocked, but the windows themselves can be turned into visual learning aids. Get educational content digitally printed on the window blinds to reinforce core lesson materials. You can also go for roller or vertical blinds for this purpose.

Depending on your opacity requirement, you can choose from the various types of shades with printed images.

2) Colourful Curtains

Use colourful curtains to introduce different colours to the children. Heart-shaped paper cuttings or blank colourful cards can also be strung up, with letter from the alphabet. The cards can also have printed images of animals, flowers and birds. Add some ribbons and small flags to make it even more visually-appealing to the children.

3) Decorated Window Glasses

A window display can be an amazing learning aid. You can introduce colours, shapes, animals, birds, trees and various other learning materials to the children through them. There are multiple ways to do this. You can either have the content painted on the glass, or you can stick cut outs made of fluorescent papers to the glass. Static cling decals are also a popular material for window displays.

4) Valances with Images

Printed valances can also add fun to the learning process. You can also use many different colours to create a rainbow over the window. It’s a good way to keep children surrounded with things they can learn from, even when they’re being distracted or playing with peers.

5) Art Decor

This can be one of the more interesting window treatments for children as it requires their participation. Use artwork and other items created by the children to decorate the valances above the window. You can also have window shelves and place the art work on top.

Consult window covering experts to help you create classroom environment that’s more conducive to learning if you want more ideas. The important thing is that the children are learning!